Friday, May 1, 2009

Squeezing in five....


-Ok, here is a list of some of my recent addictions......Coffee, Green Smoothies, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Diet Pepsi, Margarita's, Crack, & now LARABARS! Where in the gadzooks have I been? The Lemon Bar is my far..

#2.  Soccer Players

-Lil' Man started soccer season again.  He's so cute when he plays soccer, I love to watch him.  I especially love when he gets so intense running after the ball, makes a mom proud.

-He's getting "older" now so I've been given the list of things I can't yell on the field.  "Go Birdy," "Go Lil' Bubba," "Come Alive # Five," "Lovin' that juicy bootie boy" (don't really yell that one).  Oh yeah and we can only kiss by the car, but I'm thankful I still get one of those.

#3 Student of the Month

-Yep she got it! This is a huge deal at school and she got it for practicing "gentleness." 

#4 Lateral Raises

#5. John Legend

-Going to see this fine brotha on July 15th! His special guest is India Arie, this woman gives me goosebumps.  Two fist pumps in the air for these two!!! 
My husband is racing tomorrow in the Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon!


Missy said...

Best of luck to hubs, try to get him to stay chill prerace...I always race best when I'm not all jacked up!

#4 - uh, yes please:)

92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Wow, I'm always so proud of you, and NOW I'm even prouder of your family!! You've got two great kidlets AND an awesome hubby!! I love Smith Mountain Lake...wish I was going with :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

@IO Missy - Pffttt! Good luck with number 4! He's OBVIOUSLY gay because straight guys tend to look like me, i.e., schlubs.

But I'm a HAWT schlub!

John Legend - yes! He's great, isn't he? I saw him awhile ago on the Colbert Report and he was funny ANDdid some great ivory tickling and singing. Enjoy the concert!

Plus ... CRACK!?!1? How long have you been addicted to crack? Is THAT how you got that killah Gabby Reece body?

tfh said...

There's just something about John Legend...I'd take him over musclebound any day!

it's so SWEET that your daughter got student of the month, and for gentleness. you sure got blessed with some great kids. ;)

Marcy said...

Whooooaaa #4!!

Congrats to your daughter! And congrats to you and raising such a good student ;-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I just discovered Larabars too, I fancy the cherry pie one.

Congrats to the daughter and good luck to the hubby.

Jess said...

Congrats to your daughter! And good luck to your hubs tomorrow in his race!

Gotta Run said...

Be careful not to OD on the bars.... I did :(

Student of the Month.... now that is BIG!!

Have an awesome weekend chic!

Wes said...

dammit... I'm getting tired of these unauthorized uses of my male physique...

congrats to her gentleness!! :-)

IronBob said...

tell the hubby good luck.

raulgonemobile said...

Good luck to your man.. have a great weekend

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

of course #2 and #3 are the best. :-)

X-Country2 said...

Another great top 5.
Good luck to your man!

Kevin said...

Congrats to your daughter and goodluck to your hubby this weekend

Kala Marie said...

Good luck to the hubby! I looove John Legand... anddd I also love lat raises. Actually shoulders that are buff are just yummy in general. I don't care if it's a guy or girl. Shoulder muscles rule!