Sunday, August 31, 2008

IEZ-"Let's Dance" for 1 hour......

I downloaded some tracks that had a lot of "danceablity" to them
so I decided to put a 1 hour ride to some dance tracks.

IEZ-70%-85% 1 Hour Ride

-Building Flat Road
-1 Strong Hill
-Rolling Hills

Warm Up-{5:15}

Flat Road to a small rolling hill{over 5}
  • 2 min. challenging flat
  • 1 min. SC-add res.-cadence check
  • :30 STC-harder
  • :30 Flat-moderate gear
  • :30 STC-harder
  • :30 Flat-moderate gear....race to 1st Hill
Seated Climb {over 6}
-add to small hill-cadence check
-at the end of each min. add resistance & cadence
~1st min.-last :30 sec.
~2nd min.-:15 sec.
~3rd min.-:10 sec.
~4th min.-30 sec.
~5th min.- :15 sec.
~6th min.-:10 sec.

Rolling Hills-6 Hill repeats {over 36 min}
-3 min. Hard Climb (they pick SC or STC)-80-85%
-:30 flat road-moderate (keep HR high-high cadence)
-:30 Hard Climb (they pick SC or STC)-80-85%
-2 min.flat/downhill/recovery-70-75%

Flat Road/Cool Down

Thanks "Runride"-Kathy!

Omnipresence-Nathan Profitt

·       Superstylin'-(Skool Of Though Breaks Mix)-Groove Armada

·       Disco Inferno-Paradox 3000

·       American Boy (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)-Estelle-TY BILL

·       Pocket Full Of Sunshine (Stonebridge Club mix)- Natasha B.

·       Paixao-Julien Jabre

·       Sun Is Shining-Bob Marley Vs Funkstar De Luxe

·       Ends of the Earth (Paul Oakenfold Club)-Club Workout Vol. 1

·       Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)- Depeche Mode, Francois Kevorkian

·       Galaxies Part One-Asura

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's on the radio?

What do you listen to on the radio? 
Well here are a few stations that I always listen too. Here is a peek into my personality.

Check out John Castleberry from 2-4 pm on The Game.  I don't know what it is about this show but I just love listening.  He usually has a "featured artist" and talks all sports.  I emailed him once about playing Hip/Hop on his radio show and he read my email on-air and said he would work it in.  John said he didn't know who "Doug-E-Fresh" was? WHAT?!? 

Want to hear a fun & intelligent voice on your morning drive?
Listen to my good friend Jennifer Roberts on 92.9 with Dick Lamb and the bunch.  She talks about everything from her family to David Beckham, you go girl. 

I'm spending most mornings with my favorite Libertarian, Tony Macrini.  He's on WNIS- 790 on the am dial from 6-10 am.  He makes me laugh as well as think about politics in a different way.  I don't always agree with everything he says but he's always entertaining and when he's on vacation and Dave Parker is filling in, I turn the knob to my girl JR on 92.9.

and finally...

The Michael Baisden show on 105.3 from 3-7 pm.  I definitely don't agree with him politically but he knows how to spin the records.  He plays the kind of music that makes me dance in my car and then run in the house and turn it on in the house.  Are you getting a visual? He mostly plays "old school" tracks from back in the day.   Michael has contributed to several many "old school" tracks I've played in the spin room.

You guys know I'm a spin room DJ right? :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Video sent by edbangerrecords

JUSTICE D.A.N.C.E. CLIP only on Dailymotion !
Directed by Jonas & François (75 prod)
Art by so-me



"†" - L'ALBUM - Le 11 juin 2007
sur le label ED BANGER RECORDS

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Final Brick In My Wall

Well on a beautiful 75 degree Sunday morning I completed the final brick workout.  I did 19 on the bike and ran 4.2.  It felt awesome and I did conservatively well.  I'll do my final swim on Saturday morning and should finish the 1 mile swim in 38 minutes.  The race is September 7th, so I'm teaching my normal classes and resting this weekend.

The Best School in Virginia started on Monday, August 25th.  Getting up at 5:30 am, making lunches, teaching lessons, HOMEWORK, running around with crazy schedules.  My little sea hawks did great starting 4th & 6th grade, they are getting big.  This is the last year I have both in the elementary campus, sniff sniff.

Williamsburg here I come!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

SEZ coming your way....

This one is for my spinning peeps.

I was inspired to do a 70's & 80's ride.
This is the 70's strength ride.

SEZ-75%-85%         45 min. class

WU-“Rock Lobster” (6:44) 

“Mr. Blue Sky” 75%

~3:00 Flat Road-moderate gear/high cadence

~1:00 Run-Add-power up “making our way to the base of our 26 min. climb”

 “Life in the fast lane” & “Taken’ care of business” 75-85%

~1:00 seated climb-70 rpm/75%

~2:00 standing climb-“turn the resistance to the highest possible”-60 rpm/85%

~1:00 seated climb-take some resistance off, same as above

~2:00 standing climb-same as above

~1:00 seated climb-same as above

~2:00 standing climb-same as above 

“Low Rider” 85%-

~1:00 seated climb-70 rpm/75%/ cadence check to make sure their on a hill

~Jumps on a hill-cue form-slower jumps

 “Jackie Wilson” 80%

~Seated Climb-3:00(hold the gear-don’t touch)

~talk about working recovery, get them ready for the next part of climb

 “Free Bird” 75-85%

~Seated/Standing Climb throughout

(When song speeds up-they need to match their cadence, save your energy at the early part of this last climb) 

“I fought the law” -65-75%

~Flat Road-moderate gear-water-towel off

 Cool Down-“The Stranger”


The 70’s Playlist

Rock Lobster-B-52’s

Mr. Blue Sky- ELO

Life in the fast lane-The Eagles

Taken care of business-BTO

Low Rider (remix)-War

Jackie Wilson-Van Morrison

Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynyrd

I fought the law-The Clash

The Stranger-Billy Joel

Olympic Recap

Another week of Olympic fever and there is no chance the temperature will go down.  I love it! This week these are the events that excited us the most.

Dara Torres
She won the silver medal and she's 41.  Since I'm two steps away from the big 4-0, she is truly inspirational for someone like me, the amateur athlete.  You go girl!

Constantina Tomescu from Romania won the Gold medal in the Woman's Olympic Marathon.  She is 38 years old and won in 2 hours, 26 minutes, and 44 seconds.  WOW!  At one point in the race she was averaging 5:38 minute miles (close your mouth), she pulled away from the pack and didn't look back.  She started peeking over her shoulders when she saw the birds nest approaching, but didn't break her stride one time.  You rock!

Lolo Jones I still think your awesome.

The saddest race I saw, where I welled up with tears was the 100 meter hurdles final.  She was favored to win and pulled away.  She was going to win the gold and tripped on the very last hurdle which broke her speed and the rest of the pack pulled ahead of her in just seconds. Heartbreak.  I'm hoping to see her win Gold in Sidney.

Shawn Johnson winning the Gold medal on the balance beam.
Is it just me or do you tighten up and get knots in your stomach when you see those girls do somersaults and cartwheels on a 2x4? She did a great job, and finally the judging got it right on this one.

They did it!
Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh won back to back Gold medals!
They are the best beach volleyball players.

Am I the only one who will feel sad when the Olympics is over? I just love the way these sporting events bring people together to talk about American pride.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Singed in her memory

This moment will be forever singed in her memory.  Emily was invited to the Jonas Brothers Concert (hold the screams) and sat in the VIP section.  She said it was really fun, she danced and took some great photos.  She said her ears hurt from all the girls screaming, (thank God I didn't have to go).  I was 18 before I went to my first concert, this little lady is 12 and she got to go to the hottest band in America.  She was in bed by 11:00, exhausted.  I knew she would never forget this day and I wanted to hear everything about it.

Here is a great photo she took of Joe, one of her favorites.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Fever

We have Olympic fever here at the Tipton household.  Every night we're either sacked out on the couch watching or all snuggled in the bed.  Here is what excited us the most this week.

Michael Phelps! He is an awesome athlete.  What we are witnessing won't probably be seen in our lifetime again, keep watching our golden boy America.


~Golden Girls~

Move over Gabrielle Reece, I think I found my two favorite volleyball players.  Did you see the match against those Belgium's Van Breedam & Mouha? Out of your seat excitement! The first match was so close 24-22, they barely squeaked it out and rocked the fake sand in China.  I think the Belgium's need to work on eating less waffles because the second match was a wash, 21-10.  Go all the way Misty & Kerri!

Wang Xin/Chen Ruolin

I have to mention the Chinese synchronized diving team.  They had the most beautiful dives.  We thought they deserved to win the gold medal.  Diving perfection.

I guess we won't be seeing China Idol anytime soon.  Shame on you China for the child swap. She won the right to sing and we should of seen Yang Peiyi sing.

I guess I expect to much for a communist country to act fair.  

BTW, if you've walked through the frozen isle thinking, "I wonder if that's any good?"  It actually is. My peeps know how picky I can be and I'd actually buy and feed this to my cherubs again.  We ate this while gearing up for our Olympic watching huddle.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Debbie Downer

This summer has been very relaxing.  I've enjoyed spending time with my children and training for the upcoming Annapolis Triathlon.  I've never attempted the Olympic distance before only had I done the Sprint distance.  I was sitting drinking my coffee and catching up with my buds on last week when Bob popped up to tell me, did you see this?

Dear Athletes,

It is unfortunate that we (the race organizers) are writing this letter to let you know of a decision that has been made regarding the 2008 Annapolis Triathlon. In short, we have received notice that our permit to have the bike portion of the race was denied, and despite our efforts, the County is not convinced that we are going to be able to launch a triathlon event which would be safe for the participants and have minimal impact on County residents. While we are extremely disappointed in this late breaking decision, we (the race organizers) want to take a positive stance, avoid negativity and not place blame while we continue to build on creating great synergy and growth for our sport in Annapolis .

We have been very fortunate to have a number of organizations working diligently to create a race course and event which already was again attracting the attention of triathletes world wide. Ultimately, however, the decision lies in the hands of the Executive offices of the County. The permits for all courses were originally submitted to the County offices on February 10th 2008, as requested. We proceeded to open the race website for registration when were told that everything “looked good” and “we should proceed to work with the Police Chief to work out the details.” As you can imagine, we are surprised by this very late decision and announcement when all indications were that the race would happen approximately one month from now.

We have begun researching alternatives routes, and while the “offer” to revisit the route is in place, we have not yet been able to come to a solution which would address all of the County’s concerns. In addition, we are very concerned that there is not enough time to work out all the details and to plan a safe, agreeable route in the remaining weeks leading up to race day.

We are currently working with several venues to explore the possibility of an Aquathlon (swim/run) on the same day. This event would be the same distances for both the swim and run as the current triathlon, and obviously would not include the bike portion. Due to its scope, this race would not require permitting on County land.

We realize that many of you have trained many hard hours and many have volunteered your time in preparation for this wonderful event. Please know that we will press on with our efforts and passion for triathlon in Annapolis! In the meantime, we are hopeful that you will also press on and will still participate! You may simply roll your current registration from the triathlon to participate in the Annapolis Aquathlon (the fee will be $75, ($65 for Active Military) and $95 for relay). The residual amount of your registration can be either be made as a tax deductable donation to one of several local charities we were planning to work with for the Annapolis Triathlon or can be refunded in full in the form of a check. Full refunds will also be issued to those who choose not to participate.

We can use your help in further determining the scope of an Aquathlon and to get a sense of participation.

Yep, the race has been cancelled! The whole situation with the city and the race officials is very complicated and unfair in my opinion.  I will be getting my money back but, I signed up for the Patriots International which is an Olympic distance race and on the very same day.  So back to the water and the training, September 7, 2008 is fast approaching.