Sunday, August 31, 2008

IEZ-"Let's Dance" for 1 hour......

I downloaded some tracks that had a lot of "danceablity" to them
so I decided to put a 1 hour ride to some dance tracks.

IEZ-70%-85% 1 Hour Ride

-Building Flat Road
-1 Strong Hill
-Rolling Hills

Warm Up-{5:15}

Flat Road to a small rolling hill{over 5}
  • 2 min. challenging flat
  • 1 min. SC-add res.-cadence check
  • :30 STC-harder
  • :30 Flat-moderate gear
  • :30 STC-harder
  • :30 Flat-moderate gear....race to 1st Hill
Seated Climb {over 6}
-add to small hill-cadence check
-at the end of each min. add resistance & cadence
~1st min.-last :30 sec.
~2nd min.-:15 sec.
~3rd min.-:10 sec.
~4th min.-30 sec.
~5th min.- :15 sec.
~6th min.-:10 sec.

Rolling Hills-6 Hill repeats {over 36 min}
-3 min. Hard Climb (they pick SC or STC)-80-85%
-:30 flat road-moderate (keep HR high-high cadence)
-:30 Hard Climb (they pick SC or STC)-80-85%
-2 min.flat/downhill/recovery-70-75%

Flat Road/Cool Down

Thanks "Runride"-Kathy!

Omnipresence-Nathan Profitt

·       Superstylin'-(Skool Of Though Breaks Mix)-Groove Armada

·       Disco Inferno-Paradox 3000

·       American Boy (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)-Estelle-TY BILL

·       Pocket Full Of Sunshine (Stonebridge Club mix)- Natasha B.

·       Paixao-Julien Jabre

·       Sun Is Shining-Bob Marley Vs Funkstar De Luxe

·       Ends of the Earth (Paul Oakenfold Club)-Club Workout Vol. 1

·       Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)- Depeche Mode, Francois Kevorkian

·       Galaxies Part One-Asura