Thursday, August 14, 2008

Debbie Downer

This summer has been very relaxing.  I've enjoyed spending time with my children and training for the upcoming Annapolis Triathlon.  I've never attempted the Olympic distance before only had I done the Sprint distance.  I was sitting drinking my coffee and catching up with my buds on last week when Bob popped up to tell me, did you see this?

Dear Athletes,

It is unfortunate that we (the race organizers) are writing this letter to let you know of a decision that has been made regarding the 2008 Annapolis Triathlon. In short, we have received notice that our permit to have the bike portion of the race was denied, and despite our efforts, the County is not convinced that we are going to be able to launch a triathlon event which would be safe for the participants and have minimal impact on County residents. While we are extremely disappointed in this late breaking decision, we (the race organizers) want to take a positive stance, avoid negativity and not place blame while we continue to build on creating great synergy and growth for our sport in Annapolis .

We have been very fortunate to have a number of organizations working diligently to create a race course and event which already was again attracting the attention of triathletes world wide. Ultimately, however, the decision lies in the hands of the Executive offices of the County. The permits for all courses were originally submitted to the County offices on February 10th 2008, as requested. We proceeded to open the race website for registration when were told that everything “looked good” and “we should proceed to work with the Police Chief to work out the details.” As you can imagine, we are surprised by this very late decision and announcement when all indications were that the race would happen approximately one month from now.

We have begun researching alternatives routes, and while the “offer” to revisit the route is in place, we have not yet been able to come to a solution which would address all of the County’s concerns. In addition, we are very concerned that there is not enough time to work out all the details and to plan a safe, agreeable route in the remaining weeks leading up to race day.

We are currently working with several venues to explore the possibility of an Aquathlon (swim/run) on the same day. This event would be the same distances for both the swim and run as the current triathlon, and obviously would not include the bike portion. Due to its scope, this race would not require permitting on County land.

We realize that many of you have trained many hard hours and many have volunteered your time in preparation for this wonderful event. Please know that we will press on with our efforts and passion for triathlon in Annapolis! In the meantime, we are hopeful that you will also press on and will still participate! You may simply roll your current registration from the triathlon to participate in the Annapolis Aquathlon (the fee will be $75, ($65 for Active Military) and $95 for relay). The residual amount of your registration can be either be made as a tax deductable donation to one of several local charities we were planning to work with for the Annapolis Triathlon or can be refunded in full in the form of a check. Full refunds will also be issued to those who choose not to participate.

We can use your help in further determining the scope of an Aquathlon and to get a sense of participation.

Yep, the race has been cancelled! The whole situation with the city and the race officials is very complicated and unfair in my opinion.  I will be getting my money back but, I signed up for the Patriots International which is an Olympic distance race and on the very same day.  So back to the water and the training, September 7, 2008 is fast approaching.


Jennifer Roberts said...

Seriously, I'd love to come up and cheer you on.... can I?
love the pic of the fam... too cute!!

One Cent said...

You are simply changing gears!
Good Luck over the next month. Eat well, train hard and my personal favorite - Sleep!