Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's on the radio?

What do you listen to on the radio? 
Well here are a few stations that I always listen too. Here is a peek into my personality.

Check out John Castleberry from 2-4 pm on The Game.  I don't know what it is about this show but I just love listening.  He usually has a "featured artist" and talks all sports.  I emailed him once about playing Hip/Hop on his radio show and he read my email on-air and said he would work it in.  John said he didn't know who "Doug-E-Fresh" was? WHAT?!? 

Want to hear a fun & intelligent voice on your morning drive?
Listen to my good friend Jennifer Roberts on 92.9 with Dick Lamb and the bunch.  She talks about everything from her family to David Beckham, you go girl. 

I'm spending most mornings with my favorite Libertarian, Tony Macrini.  He's on WNIS- 790 on the am dial from 6-10 am.  He makes me laugh as well as think about politics in a different way.  I don't always agree with everything he says but he's always entertaining and when he's on vacation and Dave Parker is filling in, I turn the knob to my girl JR on 92.9.

and finally...

The Michael Baisden show on 105.3 from 3-7 pm.  I definitely don't agree with him politically but he knows how to spin the records.  He plays the kind of music that makes me dance in my car and then run in the house and turn it on in the house.  Are you getting a visual? He mostly plays "old school" tracks from back in the day.   Michael has contributed to several many "old school" tracks I've played in the spin room.

You guys know I'm a spin room DJ right? :)


Jennifer Roberts said...

awww; so sweet!! thanks for the nod! Sitting here in the studio now; getting ready to "work" :)

Dana said...

I love Last FM (it's online, here you can create your own playlists, it's awesome!

Nina permata sari said...

.....NICE…. ^_^v…..