Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smile it's Hump Day!


I don't know why, but this chair creeps me out. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

5 more things...

I'll remember about summer 09'

1. Being on Red Rover....

-I love the outdoor biking season.  The Seagull Century is 51 days from now so I'm in full training mode.  I love the freedom of getting on your bike and feeling the wind in your face, the burn in your legs, & the tires pull on the road.  I try to take this experience and make it come alive in the spin room but unless you "get out there" you'll never know how great being on your bike will ever feel.  Thanks for the memories Red Rover!

2.  Spending time with these guys!

3.  Sitting on this....

-My beach chair! No, that's not me but I bet "G" wishes it were.  

-No matter wear I sit you down be it the beach, Ocean Breeze, or the soccer field you never let me down and always make me feel comfortable.  I'll be sad when I put you in storage for the year.
That lady sure knows how to work that beach chair!

4.  Outdoor Coffee

-Recently my husband and I remodeled our backyard deck area.  We sit out there almost every morning listening to the birds, catching up, and sipping our yummy Starbucks.  Our newest discovery is the Rwanda brand coffee from Starbucks.  

5.  Running Skorts!

-Running, spinning, shopping, or cleaning you'll catch me wearing one of these! The summer wear will rotate into fall wear and I'll be wearing capri's & pants.  I'm a real puss in the cooler months.  You may ask, "Shannon you spin in that skort?" You bet I know how to work a skirt on the bike.  Now on to Title Nine to look for some cute pants to run, spin, shop, & clean in. Any recommendations?

How was your summer?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smile It's Hump Day!

Corny & Beautiful at the same time.  Trying to get this shot took over 100x, anything for my favorite photographer Travis Owney.  Next shoot, "Runner's World" cover shots. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

5 or more Reasons to get Muddy

The 9th Annual ASYMCA 8k Mud Run

The Mud Run is a local race that is on the Little Creek Amphibious Base.  It's an 8k run that includes running in the surf, sand, mud, and muck.  The run also includes obstacles, mazes, several water holes, & the infamous crawl in the mud pit.  I had run it before but this time I had my husband and my dear friend "Pink" with me. 

Thanks to the photographer, "Mr. Pink" for helping us look smoking hot in the mud.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smile It's Hump Day!

Have you "Madmen'" yourself yet?

What do you think this dude is thinking here?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Five Elements of Summer

So many things come to mind that have brought me joy this summer.  These were the first 5 that popped into my head.  I'll finish the summer out McLovin' on all the rest.

1. New Kicks

-Look how shiny and new they look.  Aren't they purty? I love new kicks so much I want to make a pillow for them and tuck them in every night.  "Night Asics, Mommy loves you."

2. She's 13!?!

-Her first girl/boy party.  I was eating the inside of my mouth when deciding whether or not she could have "boys at my party?" I know we all hear it but, "where does the time go?"

3. Kid's Camp
-For one week I won't hear this!-

"Mom, I'm bored."
"Mom, get off the computer."
"Hey Mom, what are we doing today?"
"Mom, I'm bored."
" aren't you answering me?"

4. Being Pimped Out.....

-Thank you to Janny Chou and the wonderful folks from POM Wonderful for sending me a lovely care package of 100 % pomegranate juice.  I love me some POM in my protein smoothies, my favorite adult beverage, or in a spritzer.  Think Health.......

Other companies needing me as their spokesperson (bitch), send me an email. 

5.) Beaching With My "Soul-Sista"

-I love her even when she said this, "Shannon, it looks like there is a gerbil on your head!" 

How is your summer going?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Smile It's Hump Day!

A different kind of "posse" but one I'd like on my team!

Sticking with my redneck theme, let's hope I don't run my bike into the back of this bumper!

Happy Hump Day Ya'll!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Share the @#$%^&* road!

Excuse me while I go on a "Weslicious" rant here.  I know that I'm basically preaching to the choir but let me savor this F'ing moment by sharing a few century training ride stories.  

First, why did the old woman lay on her horn when I was basically riding in the drainage ditch? Excuse me sir, next time you're on your way to church could you not make a sudden U-Turn so that my husband and I eat your bumper?  I also love muscle head Mike who likes to drive 60 mph and gets off seeing how close he can drive past two cyclists.  Hey drivers, make sure you get through that light coming up because if your car is stopped at a red light I'm the crazy biznitch who is liable to say something inappropriate to you like, "share the road, punk!"

Second, hey cyclists I know it's really important to "get your miles in" but next time you see a stranded women on the side of the road (not me, but my twin) could you possibly take the time to stop and see if she needs help? Thanks!

On a lighter note, my husband and I got 51 in today and we felt great.  Thank You Mr. Newton & Mrs. Nuun.

Want to share a lovely cycling story kidz?