Sunday, March 29, 2009

A "Dude" Ride~IEZ

OK, so a few weeks ago I did an "all chick" songs ride.  My Posse members challenged me to an "all dudes" ride.  That's an easy one, I love Dudes! I love the way they look, sing, & have #'s placed on their arms before triathlon races. :)

Here ya go....

The “Dudes” Ride IEZ        45 min 

Warm-Up “Borg Sex” {over 5:00}

1st Hill-70-75% MHR (PE-3.5/4)

-5:00 Flat/SC -Start with Moderate Gear and add every min.;

“cadence decreases with every load to keep you at steady state”

CHECK CADENCE-make sure they’re on a hill!

-5:00 STC-keep adding resistance every minute until it “gets really hard for you”

-5:00 STC/SC every :30 alternating


2nd Hill-75-80% MHR (PE-4)

-5:00 Flat/SC-Start with Moderate Gear and add every min.;

“pick ups through out here are going to take the HR up a bit”


-5:00 STC-keep adding resistance every minute until it “gets really hard for you”

-5:00 STC/SC every :30 alternating


Final Push-5:00 add one more resistance 85-92% MHR (PE-5-7)

“Satriani & Fire” STC and hold the beat of the song…. 

Cool Down

“Blue on Black”



-Borg Sex-Joe Satriani

-Are You Gonna Go My Way(why Yes I would Lenny)-Lenny Kravitz

-Addicted-Saving Abel

-Going Down In Flames-3 Doors Down

-Dance & Shout (Remix)-Shaggy

-Beautiful-Snoop Dogg

-Sun is Shining-Bob Marley Vs Funkstar De Luxe

-Papercut-Linkin Park

-Pushing Me Away-Linkin Park

-Crystal Planet-Joe Satriani

-Fire-Jimmy Hendrix

-Blue on Black-Kenny Wayne Shepherd

 You might be asking, “Rock with a Hip/Hop middle, I wonder how she pulled that one off?"  The magic of MixMeister and I got great skillz.


The first three witty responses get a free CD!

*Update* This ride was awesome, I got great feedback last night. They loved the music too.

Friday, March 27, 2009

5 Things I Love About Races!

(How could I only pick my) Top 5...

#1 Racing & Celebrating with Good Friends

#2 Brotherly Love

#3 Shopping at the Sports Expo

#4 Eating Pasta & Not Feeling Guilty About It!

#5 Setting A New PR!

~I sure like a nine minute gain on my old PR- 2:18:10.  Now I have my sights on getting under 2:00:00 which should be attainable.  I'm still on a runner's high from last weekend, I love that feeling you have right after a race.  You feel awesome and accomplished! I had a great time doing Shamrock this year and now Penny, Sam, John, (hopefully Bob), (maybe BP), and I have our "sharpie" pens out to scribble in Shamrock 2010!!!!

Want to join us? I'm a great hostess.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Smile it's Hump Day!

The Bird and the Bee-"Polite Dance Song"

Catchy aint it?

Monday, March 23, 2009

First Race of Many to come....

This past weekend is over and I'm relieved in a way.  The work up to a race is hard work and determination and there is a mixed feeling of sadness and relief at the same time.  My son has been training for his first 8k and had afternoon practices on the one day of the week that my husband and I had the craziest schedule.  Obviously, we made it work.  You jump through hoops for you kids that you would never do for anyone else.  

My Son's 8k Race

Cold, windy and ready to go!
Thank God he was running with our friend Chris,
 now we could spot him in the 8,000+ crowd.
"Looking for boy with red shirt and dude with green mohawk."

Here he comes.....

....but where is Mr. Chris.....

....oh, there he is..LOL....

Awesome Job!

8k Finishing Time: 47:46

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mighty Fine....


Age: 38 Gender: F
DistanceHALF MAR
Clock Time2:19:01
Chip Time2:09:49
Overall Place2983 / 6280
Gender Place1329 / 3660
Division Place226 / 585
Age Grade52.1%
5 Mile Split50:27

I'm so excited to have beaten my old PR of 2:18:00 and even get a time under 2:10:00. Everything today was perfect; the weather, my nutrition, & my knee.  My husband did even better than I, with a time of 2:05:16.  (Thanks for blowing me out on your first race man-LOL) All my racing buddies did great too!  Next year I'll definitely try to get under 2:00:00.  I'll post more about this race latter in the week.  Thanks to everyone for their support, I was thinking about you during my race today. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Top Five!

#1. More Magic Bullet

-I now have my husband on board with "the bullet." We love this little blender, and yes it could mix a mean Margarita.  He's on board with the Smoothies, just not the green ones.  Have I mentioned the Green Smoothie Challenge?

#2.  Clean Eating

-Tosca Reno, the Queen of clean eating! Her books are reader friendly and her personal story is inspiring.  She introduced me to clean eating last year through reading Oxygen magazine and I was hooked.  I've been eating clean (80% of the time) for over a year now and it completely changed my body and helped me shed 10 pounds.  

#3 Inspiration 

-Do you see how neat the numbers were placed on his arm? LOL.....

#4.  Emergen-C
-Throw this in when you make your smoothies.
 Awesome product and everyone needs their C.

-I think I paid $50 for these, but well worth every cent.  These headphones fit my small ear holes and they DON'T MOVE! They have great sound quality and haven't given me any problems at all.  When I'm up for a new pair of headphones, you bet I'll be picking them up again.  When I ran my long run this week, Stone Temple Pilots got me through the harder sections.

What track this week got you through your workout?

I'm excited about Shamrock on Sunday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

Av. Pace-9:56

Welcome to the east coast of Virginia.  One week it's 73 degrees and the next it's 45.  Well it seems 45 suits me for my long runs! Yahoo..... I tried the Vanilla Bean GU which wasn't bad at all, I've had worse things in my mouth before.  I think I went a little late, mile 7 and I took it with plain water rather than gatorade/water mix.  I think race day, I'll "GU up" around mile 5 and again at 10. 

Thanks to this guy, I'm going to beat 2:18!

I want to thank this running coach, Men's Fitness Model, & #1 smart a** for getting me there.  Your encouragement and wisdom is appreciated and John and I are thankful for you!  We can't all run Boston and look as fine as you, but we can sure try. :)

Good luck this weekend to Jay (my baby boy is running 5), My honey, Sam, Penny, Padilla, Bob, and Travis.  Travis, thank God it wasn't a torn meniscus and just that dreaded IT band that we all love to roll out.  Good luck Bro-"don't puss out, just push through." LOL....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Only 5 days to go!

Happy P-Diddy Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids say the funniest things.....

I decided to start my Monday feature about "kid sayings."  My other job besides being a fitness instructor is a Advanced Reading teacher.  They totally crack me up and they say what is on their mind not knowing if it'll hurt your feelings or not.  Their little social filters aren't fully programed so they might insult you but they don't really mean too.  Hopefully their little quips will bring a smile to your face like they do mine.  I'm in the home stretch with school being over in 3 short months and this is my final year as a reading teacher.  I think I'm doing this to soften the blow of leaving my little cherubs (ankle biters) that I've had for 5 years. The group I started with was in 2nd grade and now their all big (and mouthy) and going off to the middle school next year.  What will I do next you say? Mom, Wife, & Personal Trainer, I can't wait!!!

One of my students upon seeing me at my second job dressed in my gym rat gear says, 

"Wow Mrs. T, you look really different without your makeup!"

(gee thanks kid, you just received a Zero on your next paper)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rounding up 5!

Thanks so much guys for all the fuel tips.  I think many things played into my fatigue this past Wednesday.  You guys are the best and I always appreciate the feedback. 
 Now on to the....

Top 5 of this Week!

1. My New Mirror

-Ain't is cute? I won this at our school auction this year.  It was created by the 6th grade class which my daughter is in.  Every little mosaic piece was placed on the mirror by 6th grade hands.  This kids initialed the back, saved in time forever.  She can have it back when she moves out.......

-Hey my road dogs are outside.  Watch out for us! 

3. My Magic Bullet

-No not that one! I got this one in the red light district of "Bed, Bath, and Beyond my budget".  I love this little bullet for my new Green Smoothies.  Have ya'll gotten on board yet? You know that smoothie is droolworthy!

This Morning's Green Smoothie
-Handful Spinach
-Handful Strawberries
-Handful Blueberries
-Handful Walnuts
-1 Cup 1 % Milk
-2 Scoops Muscle Milk Light

4. 73 degree days in March
-It sure was nice to have a 73 degree day this week.  Very nice to have the warm sunshine on my face.  I can't wait until summer, especially this year!

5. My Sister

-Even through long distance and cat fights we still love each other and have each other's back! Thank you Nicole for your love and support.  Wasn't she cute? She still is!

Happy Training!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rolling Hills & One Large One!

I chopped up Stage 8 from the Tour of California to put this one together.  All the tracks I used were chick singing songs.  Robin & Chris I'll be sending this one out to you.

Rolling Hills & One Large Hill  45 min. class

IEZ- “Girl Power” Thanks Eric!

(Divide room evenly in half with yellow tape) 

Warm-up “It’s up to you” (6:00)

-After 6:00 add gear (medium size hill) STC 1:30 

“I got you dancing” (over 3)

-2:00 Fast Flat Road-moderate gear

-1:00 STC (medium size hill) 

“Glow” (4)

-4:00 SC (medium size hill) 

“Desperados jump” (almost 6)

-3:00 fast downhill before we hit the big climb

-SC-start adding every :30 

“Don’t Stop The Music (Jody Den Broeder Big Room Mix)” &

“Unwritten (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)”

“Now your going to be on teams here, every minute each team will pull the other to the top” “Everyone will be out of the saddle the whole time, I’ll say “switch the lead, you then pick up the pace for :30”


5:00 into “Unwritten”-bring them back into the saddle for a quick downhill-moderate gear-fast until end of the song…..


Cool Down

“New Day” 

Track List

-It's Up To You (Lee-Cabrera Remix)-Layo & Bushwacka

-I Got You Dancing-Lady Sovereign

-Glow-Nelly Furtado

-Desperados Jump-Madonna vs Freemasons

-Dont Stop The Music (Jody Den Broeder Big Room Mix)-Rihanna

-Unwritten_(Johnny Vicious Club Mix)-Natasha Bedingfield

-Your Love Is Mine-Corinne Bailey Rae

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh Shim Sham!

In two weeks my friends Bob, Penny, & Sam are conquering the Shamrock on the shores of Virginia Beach with my husband and I.  They are all front, middle, & (me) back of the pack runners.  Once the gun goes off we'll all be off and running our "own" race.  After today's training run, I'm not sure where my pace may be but I'm hopefully going to beat my old PR 2:18.  My hopes were to run 13 today and it started off pretty well.  Around 9 1/2 the "shim sham" started and I could feel the old tank emptying pretty fast, I fueled up with gatorade/water and sport beans at mile 6 but I don't think it was enough.  I pushed really hard trying to fight the urge to just walk.  At 10.94 miles I turned the "baby" off and decided to walk the last two miles home.  The good news is, I think my problem was fuel and not pain. The knees were ok, I just had no energy. The walk home was beautiful, 73 degrees!  Thank you Nelly for getting me through the hard parts of my run today!
Now off to have my Green Smoothie and roll around with foamy!

In case you didn't catch it....
My Babies Feedback:
Distance-Running 10.94
Av. Pace-10:18
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Monday, March 9, 2009

My 28 Day Challenge

The first......

-Don't touch the cartilage piercing for 28 days.  I have the "Forward Helix" piercing that I got last August.  I love it, but I'm obsessed with playing, touching, or turning it everyday.  If I'm talking on the phone, watching TV, or reading your blog I find myself subconsciously taking my hands up to that ring and fiddling with it.  There are consequences for playing with your piercing, an inflamed and irritated ear.  I'm trying to break myself of this habit so for 28 days I'm not allowing myself to touch that silver ring.

The second.....

-Add spinach, romaine lettuce, or kale to my smoothies.  Thanks to my girl at runtothefinish and the green smoothie challenge I've decided to include more green leafy vegetables into my morning smoothie.  This morning I had my own recipe of including green spinach to my smoothie.  The estimated calories for this breakfast smoothie was 360.  Looks gross but it was delicious!!! 

Green Protein Smoothie
-1 large handful of organic Spinach
-1 organic apple
-1 scoop muscle milk light
-1 cup 2% organic milk
-1/8 cup oatmeal