Thursday, May 28, 2009


I might sing this real loud on the plane today!

Behave while I'm gone.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smile it's Hump Day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tag...You're It!

I love playing tag especially when I'm being tagged on the boo-tay!  The amazing, inspirational, and man of steel IronBob tagged me in the final rounds of the game.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
-WSSC Miami
-School being out
-Hanging on the beach with my girls, my kids, & my smoking hot cowgirl hat
-Personal Training
-Nation's Triathlon
-"Stay Motivated" Summer Challenge
-Mud Run
-Hot Yoga with Tricia

8 Things I did Yesterday:
-Lifted 30lb. for oblique crunches 
-Got a Pedicure
-Shopped at Old Navy with my daughter
-Went to a wedding and I didn't no a single soul
-Consumed "Coconut Creme Pie" from Cold Stone
-Got pissed off at an email
-Had a splitting headache that I needed the big guns to get rid of
-Listened to some new music

8 Things I would like to do:
-IM World Championships (lottery please)-Me Too Bob
-European Cruise
-Buy an RV and travel the United States
-Go on a missions trip
-Adventure Race
-See a Broadway Play in NY
-Sky Dive
-WSSC 2010 

8 Shows I watch: 
-Amazing Race
-American Idol
-Ax Men
-60 Minutes
-The O'Reilly Factor

Leave a comment if you want me to tag your boo-tay!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just stopping by....

To say helloooooo & give my Top 5!

#1. 12 Days until schools out!

~When I googled searched school's out, this is the image that popped up.  Oh yeah, I want to be driving this bus on June 10th! 

This is my last year at the school I've been working at for five years.  I teach the same students each year and I've had my 6th graders since they were in 2nd grade.  I've watched them grow up and mature.  Just yesterday I was telling one of my students, "I remember when you were little you would cry when you didn't get the answer right." My prayer is that I made a positive impact on their lives and they'll at least remember one thing I taught them.  At 6th grade graduation I'll be the blubbery mess on isle three taking pictures of my daughter & my school kids.

#2. WSSC

~6 days until I jet off to the Miami coast line.  I get to eat, drink, & spin with my friends for 4 days.  I look forward to this trip each year and this year I'm even more excited.  Instead of turning my boo-tay into hamburger helper, I decided to mix it up.  I've signed up to listen to more lectures, learn bike repair, & even a kettlebell workshop.  I'll still come back with a sore boo-tay, but that's ok, that bootay is going to look great in my new bathing suit.

#3. FOXy People

-Living in the Hampton Roads area you meet tons of people in the military.  I get attached to them and then they leave me and go to another destination.  I told John once, "If I meet another chick that is in the military, we-aint-gonna-be-friends!" Well I broke my vow and met a couple that I adore!!!!! We're like peas & carrots.  I got the sad news that they'll be heading to California in July.  The difference between other friends that have moved away and them, is that with these guys will be my friends for life.  I love you Kelly & Chris!  
"Bring on the tattoo gun!"

#4. Unexpected Surprises

-I received these flowers this week from someone that I never would have expected them from. 
(No, not my husband or "G"...LOL...)

I've had a student in my class for two years and it's been a bumpy road.  The two years have been up and down with letters, phone calls, & conferences and I often wonder if the parents know how much I care for their children and want the very best for them.  

I'm heading up to my room, I turn the corner and mom hands me this beautiful bouquet of flowers and says, "thank you for everything you've done."  Wow, it made my whole week.  It's times like these that I've been blessed with my teaching job.

#5. Adding More Names To My Summer Challenge List

Kathy-working out
Jennifer-Breezy Point Triathlon
Joe-Get under 240# & 50 situps a day
Chrissy-do a 1 hour spin class
Emanyel-work out & be healthy
Darcus-run outside for 3 miles
Eunice-no sugar for 3 months & run 3x a week
Christina-CHKD 8k
Katrina-EVMS Trauma 8k

-This list is up to 27 people now.  The prizes start on June 1st.  My goal is to inspire and motivate so they achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Now let me check in with all my blogging peeps!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 Cheers!

Happy Friday!

#1. 13 days until WSSC 09' in Miami

~Fitness Freaks from all over the world will be in Miami for our yearly conference.  This is my second time and I always look forward to getting away and enjoying the company of others who love spinning as much as I do.   Bring on the Mojito's! I'll miss you Viv!

#2. My Husband

-With unconditional love and support this guy is my #1 fan.  Without a doubt I can count on him and he always has my back.  I'm the luckiest wife in the world.  He's one hot daddy too.

#3. New Nail Polish

~I'm diggin' these colors! I'm not sure which one I'll pick first, "Enchantress" (pinkish) or "Blue Lace" (bluish).  I think you should go with the blue color G!

#3. Lindt's

Need I say more?

#5. Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

~Teacher appreciation was last week, check out what Mama got? Shopping anyone?

Have a great weekend~get outside and enjoy this nice weather!

Smile it's Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Stay-Motivated" Summer Challenge

What happens in the summer when you're a fitness instructor? The class size diminishes to half the size.  Why is this? Kids are out of school, parents routine altered.  People are on vacation.  Riding, walking, or running outdoors or they stop working out.  I'm interested in addressing the last one.  

Peeps stop working out, they come back in September with a few extra pounds and start working out again.  I want people to work out year round, I want them to wrap their brains around the fact that working out 3-4x a week is a must like eating, drinking, or sleeping.  With all that being said, I created the "Staying-Motivated" Summer Challenge.

Here is how is works, for the months of June, July, & August they have to commit to something they've never done before to stay motivated.  If they sign up they have me as their accountability partner and they win free shiz!  What free stuff? Water Bottles, Spin Swag, Massages, Portraits, Creams, Socks, etc.  

So far so good.......

Tricia-"yoga with Shannon" (nice Tricia)
Suzanne-eat a salad every day 
Chrissy-Keep a food journal
Donnie-SML Triathlon
Travis-R'nR 1/2 Marathon
Chris-SML Triathlon
Mike & Elena-5k
Kenny & Karen-Yoga

The month of May is our sign up month....I'll keep adding names as we go along.

Each Monday & Wednesday I'll pull a name out of the hat, so peeps have to-come-to-spin-class-to-receive-their-prize.  See how this works, my classes stay full, they stay fit & win free stuff, plus their doing an activity they've never done before which just may inspire them in new ways.

Friday, May 8, 2009

~5 Reasons To Go For A Run~

#1. Grabbing my Asics

~My Asics Gel-Cumulus have been the shoes from the start, they help me run the distance.  These guys have never let me down & I love getting a new pair, like a fat kid loves cake.

#2. Running Skorts

~Now that I'm able to put away the winter wear, I'm so excited to put on my running skorts.  You feel pretty sexy while you sweat your butt off.  I'm almost always wearing these now and I think I have a little addiction.  If-I-see-one-I-must-buy-it! Ladies, (or gents but that would be weird "G") get one you won't regret it.

#3. My Baby
~My baby will help me achieve that sub 9:15 pace I've been working on.  I love looking over and seeing that # light up.  I also love the ticker tape like messages that say, "You Rock Sista," "Hello, are you a Tortoise today?" "Looking Hott Today Mama!"

#4. My Favorite Tunes
~The best part of running for me is running to my favorite tunes.  I love to turn that puppy up real loud and just escape into my pace.  I really don't think about all the stresses of life when I'm jamming to my favorite tracks.  I'm mostly thinking about djing at a club.....LOL!  My favorite track on repeat is MSTRKRFT Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend).  Check it out ya'll.

#5. The Essential Two

-Yep, Foamy & Strappy get a whole lot of my attention.  Dayum I think my hubby is jealous.  I can hear him now, "Sure wish I was that foam roller!" LOL...

-Age?, overuse?, whatever....I don't have IT, Hamstring, or Quad issues when I stick with my dynamic duo.


Did I run this week, sure did!

Distance- 4.11
Av. Pace-9:39

Thursday, May 7, 2009

By Request.....

I had a posse member ask me to start posting more green smoothie recipes.  
I'm here to deliver for my peeps.  Have ya'll gotten on board yet? 

I loved this one!

~1 Cup Organic Spinach
~1 oz. Blueberries
~1 Scoop Muscle Milk Light 
~2 Tablespoon POM
~1 Packet Emergen-C
~Water & Ice

Estimated Calories-240

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Smile it's Hump Day!

Come take my spin class & hire me as your trainer and you too could look like this!
Gabrielle your heart out! (oh wait, isn't that......)

Thanks to his magic wand,  "G" made all my dreams come true!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

TRI He Did!

He's A Triathlete!
Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon 09'

750 Meter Swim~20K Bike~5K Run

My hubby, Elle, & my "Spin Posse Members" Donny & Chris!

Our Future Triathlete! 

Getting Ready For the Start, a little nervous.

Off We Go..... 





Final Kick! Run-28:10

Awesome Job Honey!

Rest Today? Nah, Let's hike 2 miles up the Crabtree Falls.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Squeezing in five....


-Ok, here is a list of some of my recent addictions......Coffee, Green Smoothies, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Diet Pepsi, Margarita's, Crack, & now LARABARS! Where in the gadzooks have I been? The Lemon Bar is my far..

#2.  Soccer Players

-Lil' Man started soccer season again.  He's so cute when he plays soccer, I love to watch him.  I especially love when he gets so intense running after the ball, makes a mom proud.

-He's getting "older" now so I've been given the list of things I can't yell on the field.  "Go Birdy," "Go Lil' Bubba," "Come Alive # Five," "Lovin' that juicy bootie boy" (don't really yell that one).  Oh yeah and we can only kiss by the car, but I'm thankful I still get one of those.

#3 Student of the Month

-Yep she got it! This is a huge deal at school and she got it for practicing "gentleness." 

#4 Lateral Raises

#5. John Legend

-Going to see this fine brotha on July 15th! His special guest is India Arie, this woman gives me goosebumps.  Two fist pumps in the air for these two!!! 
My husband is racing tomorrow in the Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon!