Friday, May 8, 2009

~5 Reasons To Go For A Run~

#1. Grabbing my Asics

~My Asics Gel-Cumulus have been the shoes from the start, they help me run the distance.  These guys have never let me down & I love getting a new pair, like a fat kid loves cake.

#2. Running Skorts

~Now that I'm able to put away the winter wear, I'm so excited to put on my running skorts.  You feel pretty sexy while you sweat your butt off.  I'm almost always wearing these now and I think I have a little addiction.  If-I-see-one-I-must-buy-it! Ladies, (or gents but that would be weird "G") get one you won't regret it.

#3. My Baby
~My baby will help me achieve that sub 9:15 pace I've been working on.  I love looking over and seeing that # light up.  I also love the ticker tape like messages that say, "You Rock Sista," "Hello, are you a Tortoise today?" "Looking Hott Today Mama!"

#4. My Favorite Tunes
~The best part of running for me is running to my favorite tunes.  I love to turn that puppy up real loud and just escape into my pace.  I really don't think about all the stresses of life when I'm jamming to my favorite tracks.  I'm mostly thinking about djing at a club.....LOL!  My favorite track on repeat is MSTRKRFT Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend).  Check it out ya'll.

#5. The Essential Two

-Yep, Foamy & Strappy get a whole lot of my attention.  Dayum I think my hubby is jealous.  I can hear him now, "Sure wish I was that foam roller!" LOL...

-Age?, overuse?, whatever....I don't have IT, Hamstring, or Quad issues when I stick with my dynamic duo.


Did I run this week, sure did!

Distance- 4.11
Av. Pace-9:39


teacherwoman said...

Love the 5! Foam roller is my best friend too. A friend of mine calls it the "Torture Toy". LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!

Missy said...

Good list! I'm finally figuring out my Garmin. Loving it. I have the stick and am a huge fan.

Jess said...

Your foam roller has a cover! Mine is just naked. How embarassing.

Nice job on your run!

RunToFinish said...

ok the little shorts in my skort ride up and make me nervous about chaffing on my thighs...does this happen to you? Am I a freak of nature?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

The roll, a must have!!!

tfh said...

Yep, I looooove making love to my foam roller. And my running skort.

M2Marathon said...

Great 5! I am a reformed skort non-believer; I finally got one recently and I lurrrrve it!

zen runner said...

wow. guess i need to revise my selling point for running where i tell folks running is great cause all you need is a decent pair of shoes?

Wes said...

Those 405s are HAWT!!! I can't wait for the 310XT. I'm to lazy to have an iPod. I prefer a radio, actually, which I need to go buy :-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Great job on the run, sister!

Hey, shorts like those could never contain MY massive n*ts@ck, sister! But thanks for thinking of me.

Speaking of n*ts@cks, I see you tagged Teh M.'s site today:


That's what she gets for making Noctor Dic BotW.

It coulda and shoulda been you, sister! Remember that!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, I think you're the first person who actually LIKES their foam roller! Most people seem to love the results but always say how painful it is. Then again, you are a spinning instructor and perhaps pain has a another meaning? :-)

Kala Marie said...

I need to buy myself a foam roller.

Still not convinced I should pick up running though :p

My overpronation/outward turned knee bones/weak ankles make running a b..... bad thing to do :p

Kala Marie said...

I need to buy myself a foam roller.

Still not convinced I should pick up running though :p

My overpronation/outward turned knee bones/weak ankles make running a b..... bad thing to do :p

Kevin said...

I used my foam roller so much, it is no longer round. Now I use the Trigger Point kit. Ouch Ouch Ouch

X-Country2 said...

I love your top 5 lists. That's a cute skirt. I really really want one, I think.

Denise said...

My foam roller gets a lot of use, too! Totally fixed my IT right up and now I use it daily. Great job w/ the runs this week!

raulgonemobile said...

You like the strap? I've got the roller, and I think I need a bit more...

(and I need to watch the video that came with my roller to see how improperly I'm using the thing)

Michelle said...

Hi great 5 reasons to run. GREAT!!!

I have a question please:
On your garmin 405 how do you do the ticker tape messages??? Sorry I am garmin virgin!!!

If you don't mind emailing me

If you do not have the time, that is totally cool. I can figure it out i think!!!!

Have a great day!!!!

Shannon said...

Happy Mothers Day to my Wonderful Wife! and to all you other Mother's reading her blog. Have a great Day!

Trihardist said...

Really? It says, "Hello, are you a tortoise today?" That is pretty cool.

And LMAO at the husband comment.