Sunday, August 28, 2011


1. Self-confidence, Self-assurance. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. Esp. I context of contest or display of skill such as sexual advances or going into battle.
2. Good luck fetish / charm to bolster confidence.
3. Ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude

After Lake Placid I went through a bit of a funk. Funk that it was over, funk that some of my "therapeutic" training days were through, and funk that my body wouldn't get up and go like it did right before race day. I'm so thankful for the Nike Marathon because it kept me in a training state of mind, but my body was in a "let's rest after Ironman" state of mind. I took a week or so off but had to get right into marathon training mode. When I started running I COULD NOT get my legs to go. I know this is normal after putting your body through a 15 hour endurance event but it was frustrating and disheartening to say the least. Finally, after a few weeks and many bad and miserable training runs I finally went out there and felt like I got my mojo back. I love that feeling when everything goes right. The weather feels good, your legs feel strong, the Garmin is spitting back really good pacing #'s. This is the part of training I absolutely love!

Where have you lost your mojo? Your spiritual walk with God, your position at work, parenting, being a spouse, your athletic endeavors, friendship. How do you get that spice, edge, fire, light inside you to jump off again? I challenge you to identify an area of your life where you might of lost it and find a new way to bolster than inner mojo in an area of your life that's been lacking.

Peace & Love

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's Next?

I've had a lot of people ask me recently, "what's next for you Shannon?" Most people know that I'm a goal oriented individual, always have been. When I completed Ironman it was on the tail end of a very tumultuous year. The training was at times my best friend and my worst enemy. One thing that can be said about Ironman training is that it's very hard and you have to stay focused on the goals and tasks at hand. This is what kept me grounded many times throughout the process. My next goals are to run the Nike Women's Marathon in October and chillax....

What Are Your Goals?

Several of my clients are doing things that have brought them out of their comfort zone. They are trying something new for the first time or are staying motivated throughout the summer when people seem to drop the ball on personal health and fitness goals.

Let me brag on them a bit....I have two clients who are running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I have another client that just signed up for her 1st Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach. Two clients have entered their first sprint triathlon. Another client is doing the New York City Marathon in the fall and a new client hired me to help him build his base so he can compete in his first sprint triathlon next year at the young age of 60. So proud of you guys!!!!

Are you tired of what you are currently doing? Find a way to jazz it up. Are you bored? Are you unmotivated? Set a new goal, do something you've always wanted to try. I think setting goals are important and then reanalyzing them. Whatever the goals are, weight loss, lifting weights, running, entering a race, or being active, it's important to set them and KEEP them. Why not take a look at some things you would like to achieve as we get closer to fall and the kids get back into school. I can help you, email me!

Share your goals, they inspire and motivate others!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ironman Lake Placid 2011

Ironman Lake Placid 2011

My Ironman journey began 13 years ago when I was a Team in Training run/walker in 1998. I remember thinking to myself, "I would love to do that race some day." The day finally arrived on July 24, 2011.

The Swim-2.4 mile

I know people have written about how awesome Lake Mirror is, but seriously it is the best place I've ever swam in open water. You might be wondering, "were you in the blender mix of people during the swim?" Uh....Cough.....HELL NO! I was worried about having a panic attack during the swim portion, all the touching, pulling, tugging, etc. I stayed in the back and when the gun went off I waited a couple of minutes to watch the fray leave and let the crowd of swimmers go ahead. I remember some older gentlemen say to me, "stay with us-you'll have a great swim if you just wait." Thanks guys, I did!

When I stayed out of the fray and swam wide away from the buoys I was able to get a nice stride and was barely touched. I remember at one point finding a guy that had the same stride as mine and stayed right behind him. If I felt his kicking bubbles right in front of my face and my finger tips barely at the back of this feet I knew I was on the right path and kept my face down. The first loop was a little tricky to navigate and I didn't entirely feel comfortable but I felt so much better and swam faster on the second loop and was even able to hug the buoy line so I could keep my face down the entire time.


Bike-112 miles

When training for Ironman my bike suffered the most. Unfortunately I missed several key rides and I didn't have the miles on my legs like I should have. So going into the hills of Lake Placid I was intimidated. My coach wanted me to go slow...slow...slow and if I felt good, to slow down even more. This was to save me for the run and NOT make it a miserable experience. When I was training, a group of us went to Mountains of Misery. The course is insanity and I only did 62 miles of this ride but it totally taught me a valuable lesson about climbing and helped me mentally when tackling the logistics of Lake Placid.

The bike course is two loops and when going into it I was prepared to go slow and suffer a little. Other than normal aches and pains, I felt the first loop went well and wanted to get the second loop over with. I started to feel a little tired during the second loop and the mental monster had to be talked out of my head. I remember a IM veteran saying to me earlier in the week, "you're gonna love to get rid of that bike at the end of the 112...." ELATED! Love my Red Rover Fuji but I was ready to throw that bike to anyone that would take it.



The Run-26.2 miles

-The run consists of two loops and when I got off that bike and transitioned in the run (3:37), my game plan was to run at a comfortable pace and walk the aid stations. I was so relieved to get off that bike that the 26.2 miles seemed like a welcome relief. I started out slow and felt really good, I even talked and cheered people on at the first loop of the marathon. When I hit the 13.1 mark my body started to feel like I was coming down with the flu. I felt achy from my neck to my feet, my stomach felt fine but every part of my body started feeling like I was coming down with a serious infection. I started to not feel my feet anymore and started walking more and more and more......I started to walk the hills and the aid stations, when I start back into town on the second loop I knew my IRONMAN journey was about to be over.......

Remember when......

~You couldn't wait to wake up on Christmas morning...
~You actually caught the icecream man when you thought there was no chance...
~The boy that you liked in school actually smiled back...
~You climbed the highest tree when no other girl in the neighborhood could...
~Picking the cutest puppy in the litter..
~Getting THAT bike on your birthday you begged for for 6 months..
~Giving birth to your children..

Yeah, it felt like that!

Run Time -5:17:36

Thanks to the following people

  • My Children-Emily and Jay
Long training days....nights. Thank you for being patient when Mom had to "go for a run," "I have a long bike ride," or "I need to swim this morning." Seriously, my children were a rock solid support system for me. I appreciate their love, support, and patience with their IronMom. Thanks to Jaybird for riding behind me on all those long runs, I loved looking over and seeing your smiling face or hearing you say, "Mom drink!"

  • Keith Alston
I didn't start out my journey with a training partner but slowly acclimated myself to training with a partner. I found the best! Swimming, Running, Biking. Thank you for leading me in the direction of Red Hammer Racing and Stroke Focus. Thank you for standing by my side and pushing me when I was lacking and encouraging me when I felt I didn't know if I had enough....your support means the world to me.

1:25:38....nuff said...

WE did it Coach!


All my dear friends, family, and clients....thanks for putting up with me this long year! I appreciate all your comments, hugs, and words of encouragement.

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