Monday, June 29, 2009

I Miss Marcy...

and other randomness....

  • I'm addicted to this "summer fruit" smoothie

  • Running in the morning, this morning's run was in the 80 degree temps.
"G's" Feedback
Av. Pace-9:58

  • 3 sets of one legged inclined push ups are hard as hell but so good for the chest, arms, & core muscles.....give in a try!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 Different Kinds of Hills

2  Very Different Hills                        1 Hour-IEZ

WU-“Lightsonic” {6:30} 

Flat Road-Moderate Gear-65% “Hot Stuff vs. World Hold On”

Hill Building-add to a small hill-cadence check-65-75% “Slipstream"

-1:00 SC-do cadence check here

Next 4:00

-:45 SC

-:15 STC

(Stay on small hill, don’t add any additional gear, pace themselves for the harder section of hill)


Harder Section Hill-“Matrix Theme” & “Matrix: Reloaded Main Theme”


-:30 STC

add-:30 SC

-:30 STC

add-:30 SC

-:30 STC

add-:30 SC

>> stay in saddle for the piano piece, “get ready for the surge”….surge for 1:00 when the piano piece is done and the song speeds up get the surge on….


Standing Climb-“Quiet the surge, stay in 3rd continue climbing…”

-Add every minute (about 5x)


Flat Road-Recovery “Hold The Line”-moderate gear {2:45}


2nd Hill-“Manvantara, “Isaac Vs. Ofra Haza, Candy Store”

-Heavy Load-“add enough that you have to come out of the saddle”

-Climb at your comfort zone


1st Section-{8:00}/75-80%-“Manvantara”


2nd Section-{9:00}/80-85% -“Isaac”-:30 SC/:30 STC-occasionally add quick bursts of candence on either SC or STC


3rd Section-{4:25}/85%--“Candy”-4ct. Jumps on  a hill


Flat Road-Moderate Gear-“Portrait” {4:75}-65-75%

Cool Down-“Don't Look Back  (FUG Remix)”

Click on the link below to get the tracks!

*Let me know in the comments section if the link didn't work, this is the first time I'm trying it. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

5 Good Feelings

1. Fresh Summer Fruit

2. Sun On My Face

3. Toes In The Sand

4. Getting Muddy With Friends

5. Taking His Name 16 Years Ago Today

Happy Anniversary John!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smile It's Hump Day!

Summer Time!

-There is only one condition to the "hawk."  "Mouth off buddy and I'm shaving it all off!"  He almost went the whole summer last year.  Let's hope he makes it to labor day this summer. :)  Don't you wish you were a kid again?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Don't Evah Want to See You Do This!

Spin instructors are on a mission to stop contraindicated moves in the spin room. If you ever see this going on in a spin room near you, get off the bike and leave. Master Instructor Jennifer Sage wrote about this at length on her blog if you want to read more about this.

BTW, I think Angela needs a man not a bike.  Follow this simple philosophy, "if you wouldn't or couldn't do it on your road bike, don't do it on a spin bike."

Ok...Rant over....

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Swapping Turns"-Spin Workout

“Swapping Turns” from the wonderful Sage  45 min.

·      -HR stays under 85%-until the last :30 of each segment where we raise HR above

WU-6:00-moderate gear for a couple......

Add to small hill 17-20    -SC 3:30-cadence check

                                         -STC :30-surge!

                                        -SC 3:00

                                        -STC 1:00-last :30 surge!

Add to harder hill 15-20  -SC 2:30

                                        -STC 1:30-last :30 surge!

Go Hard or Go Home!    -SC 2:00

                                        -STC 2:00-last :30 surge!

 Recovery 2:00 Flat Road-Moderate Gear

(Now start out with the Standing Climb)

 Add to small hill 17-20 -STC 3:30-cadence check before you go out

                                      -SC :30 –surge in the saddle!

                                      -STC 3:00

                                      -SC 1:00-last :30 surge!

Add to harder hill 15-20 -STC 2:30

                                      -SC 1:30-last :30 surge!

Go Hard or Go Home!  -STC 2:00

                                      -SC 2:00-last :30 surge!

 Flat Road-Moderate Gear

 Cool Down!


I'm Not Alone - Deadmau5 Remix-Calvin Harris

Girl By The Sea - Cut Copy Remix-The Presets

Heel & Toe-Adam Freeland (TY Coach)

What - Boy 8 Bit Mix-His Majesty Andre

Wolfgang's 5th Symphony - Original Mix-Wolfgang Gartner

Acid 8000-Fatboy Slim

Sanctuary (3:35 version)-Origene

Hope & Glory-F A I T H L E S S

Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Reasons to do the Seagull Century

1. Entry Fee 

~I paid $55, which lately for me is on the cheap side for races.  Included in the entry fee is,  "Friday Night Welcome Reception, rest stop refreshments (does this include wine?), Saturday Lawn Party entertainment, & Century T-shirt..."

2. Voted Top 10 bike rides in the US

~Beautiful flat course in the Salisbury, Maryland area.

3. Motivation

~If you ever wanted to complete a century ride this would be the perfect summer training event to "stay motivated" this summer.

4. Riding with your buddies

~Riding with 6,000 of your closets friends sounds pretty spectacular to me.

5. Free Beer!

~I don't know if you get free beer, but if you come do the race I'll make sure you get a beer  & back rub from me. :)

October 10th, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hills to Surges~IEZ

Here is an hour spin class IEZ.  I even got the Sage approval on this one! I had fun putting the music together on this one.

Hills to Surges- IEZ                                    1 hour

~Pace Yourselves Throughout

~Go Over Perceived Exertion


Warm-Up (5:20)”Supermassive”


1st Hill-(9 min) “15 Step,” “Nude,” & “Walking On Air”

-6 min SC-add every min. {PE 4-6}

-3 min STC-add every min. {PE 7-8} throw in uphill surges


Recovery-2:00 (Flat Road)


Surges (7 min) “Another Hole In The Head” & “Electrified”

-1 min. SC-every :15 add resistance

-:30/:30 Seated Surges





Recovery-2:00 (Flat Road)


2nd Hill-(13 min) “Love City,” “Attack,” & “Busy Child”

-4 min. SC-add every min. {PE 4-6}

-2 min Run add resistance/cadence {PE 7-8}

-7 min STC-add resistance {PE 4-6}

 (save some energy on the STC for the upcoming surges)


Surges (over 6) “Know Your Enemy” & “Peacemaker”

-:30/:30 Surge out to third position





3rd Hill w/ switchbacks-(5 ) “Famous Last Words”

-go to a small hill-(cadence check)

-switchback adding gear up this last hill


Flat Road- (5 )“Warning Shots”


Cool Down-“Where’s it At”    Total-59:48


Supermassive Rainbow-ElectroSound

15 Step-Radiohead

Nude-(Holy F**k Remix)-Radiohead

Walking on air-Kerli Kõiv

mashed this one in...Mary Poppins "Fun"-:30 clip

Another Hole In The Head-Nickelback

Electrified Remix (short version)-Freestylers

DJ Shadow

Love City-dj lobsterdust

Attack Of The 60 Ft Lesbian Octopus-(I'm doing it Coach!)-Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Busy Child-The Crystal Method

Know Your Enemy-Green Day

Peacemaker-Green Day

Famous Last Words-My Chemical Romance

Warning Shots (Feat Sleepy Wonder And Gunjan)-Thievery Corporation

Where It's At-Beck

Friday, June 12, 2009

5 Reasons to attend WSSC!

1.) Miami

-If you enjoy hot, humid, and the occasional downpour, Miami is the city for you.  Seriously, the weather “at times” was heavenly.

#2. Learning New Fitness Trends

-Check out my form baby! Kettlebells rock….and it isn’t as easy as it looks.

#3. Spinning for 4 days straight!

-Awesome rides from Master Instructors was pretty exciting and I picked up tips, tricks, and nuances from each ride I took.  I step away equipped with more knowledge on how to give a great class to my members.

#4. Hangin' with your buddies

-Friends from all over the world come together for a 4 day love affair.  The best buddies a girl could ever have.  This is what makes the trip truly magical!

#5. A Possible Chance to Spin on the big stage!

-Priceless! A special thanks to Jennifer Sage for giving me the opportunity to spin on stage with her.  She is an inspiration.

So kids, who's going in 2010?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back.....

-So much to catch up on. WSSC, last day of school, staying-motivated summer challenge, personal training, nutrition.  Little by little I'm back in the blogging world.  Ever feel like you want to jump off the gerbil wheel of life? I'm about to jump.......

Happy Hump Day!