Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hills to Surges~IEZ

Here is an hour spin class IEZ.  I even got the Sage approval on this one! I had fun putting the music together on this one.

Hills to Surges- IEZ                                    1 hour

~Pace Yourselves Throughout

~Go Over Perceived Exertion


Warm-Up (5:20)”Supermassive”


1st Hill-(9 min) “15 Step,” “Nude,” & “Walking On Air”

-6 min SC-add every min. {PE 4-6}

-3 min STC-add every min. {PE 7-8} throw in uphill surges


Recovery-2:00 (Flat Road)


Surges (7 min) “Another Hole In The Head” & “Electrified”

-1 min. SC-every :15 add resistance

-:30/:30 Seated Surges





Recovery-2:00 (Flat Road)


2nd Hill-(13 min) “Love City,” “Attack,” & “Busy Child”

-4 min. SC-add every min. {PE 4-6}

-2 min Run add resistance/cadence {PE 7-8}

-7 min STC-add resistance {PE 4-6}

 (save some energy on the STC for the upcoming surges)


Surges (over 6) “Know Your Enemy” & “Peacemaker”

-:30/:30 Surge out to third position





3rd Hill w/ switchbacks-(5 ) “Famous Last Words”

-go to a small hill-(cadence check)

-switchback adding gear up this last hill


Flat Road- (5 )“Warning Shots”


Cool Down-“Where’s it At”    Total-59:48


Supermassive Rainbow-ElectroSound

15 Step-Radiohead

Nude-(Holy F**k Remix)-Radiohead

Walking on air-Kerli Kõiv

mashed this one in...Mary Poppins "Fun"-:30 clip

Another Hole In The Head-Nickelback

Electrified Remix (short version)-Freestylers

DJ Shadow

Love City-dj lobsterdust

Attack Of The 60 Ft Lesbian Octopus-(I'm doing it Coach!)-Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Busy Child-The Crystal Method

Know Your Enemy-Green Day

Peacemaker-Green Day

Famous Last Words-My Chemical Romance

Warning Shots (Feat Sleepy Wonder And Gunjan)-Thievery Corporation

Where It's At-Beck


raulgonemobile said...

I'm going to have to look into the
"Attack Of The 60 Ft Lesbian Octopus"


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I got two turntables and a micropoooooooonnnnnne ...

I lurve me some Beck. he's such a weirdo.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Uh, "Microphone".

Forgot the "h"!

(Beck never would.)

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

you are a MUSIC master! It takes me FOREVER to find one song...lol.

love your ealier post on the spin crazy week you had. You look fab in all of your pictures.

SPIN ON........

Jennifer Sage said...

Bill sent me the Attack of the Lesbian Octopus too, but I'm not sure I have the guts to use it. Now that I see you are, I'll have to find a place for it! Looks like an awesome kick-butt ride, may have to run this by my students! You go girl!


Kala Marie said...

lovin' this ride! sounds awesome!!!

buprunner said...

I just started spinnin a couple of months ago- (spinners used to scare me), now I love it!

Props to your playlist.