Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 Different Kinds of Hills

2  Very Different Hills                        1 Hour-IEZ

WU-“Lightsonic” {6:30} 

Flat Road-Moderate Gear-65% “Hot Stuff vs. World Hold On”

Hill Building-add to a small hill-cadence check-65-75% “Slipstream"

-1:00 SC-do cadence check here

Next 4:00

-:45 SC

-:15 STC

(Stay on small hill, don’t add any additional gear, pace themselves for the harder section of hill)


Harder Section Hill-“Matrix Theme” & “Matrix: Reloaded Main Theme”


-:30 STC

add-:30 SC

-:30 STC

add-:30 SC

-:30 STC

add-:30 SC

>> stay in saddle for the piano piece, “get ready for the surge”….surge for 1:00 when the piano piece is done and the song speeds up get the surge on….


Standing Climb-“Quiet the surge, stay in 3rd continue climbing…”

-Add every minute (about 5x)


Flat Road-Recovery “Hold The Line”-moderate gear {2:45}


2nd Hill-“Manvantara, “Isaac Vs. Ofra Haza, Candy Store”

-Heavy Load-“add enough that you have to come out of the saddle”

-Climb at your comfort zone


1st Section-{8:00}/75-80%-“Manvantara”


2nd Section-{9:00}/80-85% -“Isaac”-:30 SC/:30 STC-occasionally add quick bursts of candence on either SC or STC


3rd Section-{4:25}/85%--“Candy”-4ct. Jumps on  a hill


Flat Road-Moderate Gear-“Portrait” {4:75}-65-75%

Cool Down-“Don't Look Back  (FUG Remix)”

Click on the link below to get the tracks!

*Let me know in the comments section if the link didn't work, this is the first time I'm trying it. 


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

looks like the link works for those who want the tracks.

teacherwoman said...

sweet! thanks for sharing!!

Kevin said...

Cool. Thanks for the tunes

Kala Marie said...

I loooove using music from the Matrix!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I can open the web page, but it isn't downloading for me. Am I missing something? I'm right clicking on the songs, them 'save target as' to my computer. But it's just showing an 'e' with the song title at the bottom. I try to listen to it, and it doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

Never mind. I figured it out. DUH!