Friday, October 31, 2008


Thriller - Rap by Vincent Price Acapella
Video sent by slzaza

Happy Halloween!

Off to B2B today! The ladies and I are ready to rock and roll. BTW, the lunchbox is in the trash. How could I ever put food in it again?!?

This video came out when I was!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't ya hate it when.....

Your awakened in the middle of the night with your kids throwing up?

I'm home with the little guy today.  He said in the car yesterday as we were leaving the school parking lot, "I feel like I'm gonna throw up."  Where I desperately grab my lunchbox, dump all of the contents (vitamins I didn't take, some granola I didn't eat, and the ice packet thingys) and tell him to put his head in the lunchbox if he has to throw up.  Well half way home, it happened! My daughter plugs her ears and puts her head out the window she says, "I just can't take the sound mom." We get home, I dump the deal in the grass way over by a tree and he goes straight to the shower and toilet.  That poor kid went to bed at 5:30 and stayed asleep until 12:00.  That's when I see him holding the bucket saying to my husband, "Dad, I threw up again."  My husband says, "go dump it bud and go back to bed."  That's it! Ok, then I get up and dump the bucket take care of the washing of hands, getting water, and tucking back in.  You might be asking yourself, how is he feeling? Well just about an hour ago I could hear him singing very loudly and trying to do a somersault in the family room.  I guess the bug that came a creeping is gone.  Can you tell I'm bored?

What should I do? Clean it or burn it?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Final Training Run for B2B

Well I'm done! I guess I'm ready as I'll ever be.  This morning was beautiful for a final training run, a 53 degree sunny fall morning.  My husband started out with me and ran 6 and then he came in a made pancakes.  I had 14 to do this morning, BP suggested I run two extra miles for physical and metal tenacity and I felt great until mile 10.  I still had 4 more to go and the friggin left knee start tweaking.  At first it started to click, and then the aching started kicking in.  I tried to ignore it for a while until I had to stop and walk.  It felt like the knee was going to give out.  I did the final 4 with a run/walk combination.  I was so pissed and discouraged.  I mean just a week ago I ran 11 with no knee problems.

This is how I looked when I finished.  Do you enjoy my running ensemble?

Came in, and immediately went for the ice to only find this in the freezer to ice my knee.  Do you think I'll need to wash these before I put these in the kids lunches? (Jay says, "Yes, Mom")
I stretched and had my hot warm pancakes John had made.

I'm optimistic that everything will be fine.  I'm strong and confident and I want to have a great time with a bunch of great ladies.  So hotel is booked, subs are covering my classes, looking forward to seeing a part of NC that I've never seen and hoping for a great race with a new PR for a 1/2 marathon.  Hey what can I say, I'm slow but having fun doing it.  

Wish me luck peeps!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


What a week, John's been busy, I've been busy but this is my thoughts on things....

This made me smile....

Don't you love his fro?

This was delicious, want the recipe?

Wow and I actually cooked....

BTW, didn't get to my 12 mile training run.  Multiple schedule conflicts, so I'm running on Sunday morning.  The last run before November 1st and the big relay race....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool Kidz

I digg it!

I vote for the "cool kidz"

What do you "vote" for?

My version of Eric's WCRD profile...

Hey Peeps....this one was very challenging last night.

IEZ~Loaded Loops

~I did 5 of these loops and finished with a challenging flat road.

                  :30 Fast Flat-moderate gear

                  1:00 STC-Hard-Push

                  1:00 Dowhill-“descend”-take a little load off

              -increase cadence

                  :30 Fast Flat moderate gear

                  1:30 STC-Hard-Push

                  :30 SC-hold gear-kick up cadence

                  :45 Flat Road-moderate gear

I did a "Love" theme last night.


~I feel love as a stranger- Donna Summer vs. Eurythmics

~Whole Lotta Love (Dirty Funker Remix)-Bootleg Remix

~Love in the year 3000-B-52’s

~Love Shack Remix-B-52’s

~Have a good time-DJ Tripp

~Perfect (Exceeder)- Mason Vs. Princess Superstar

~Love Lockdown (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)-TY BP

~Marvin Wants to Sex You Up-DJ Magnet


Sunday, October 19, 2008

~Hunt Club Farm & Caramel Apples~

We decided to make a day of fall activities on Saturday.  Fall weather definitely rolled in on Friday night with temperatures in the 50's. Saturday was a blustery fall day packed with pumpkin picking, animal petting, & caramel apples.

Cute Look Em! 
She gets her fashion
sense from me of course.

No John, we can't have a goat as a pet!

My germaphobe son saying, "Do I HAVE to pet it?"

Caramel Apple Time!
Washing the apples....

Getting the ingredients ready.....

Wow, their actually working together!

Caramel Apples from scratch!
Thank you Paula Deen, they were delicious.

Oh.....your asking, "Miss Health Conscious had a gooey, nutty, caramel apple?"

Yep, it was delectably...... 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funniest line of the week.....

Dennis Miller on Dick Cheney's heart troubles this week.....

"I've not seen anybody walk through heart attacks like this since Sanford & Sons 3rd season.  This guy makes Redd Foxx look like Lance Armstrong."

Have ya'll seen Chocolate News with David Alan Grier? Hilarious.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's in the bag...

.........11 miles that is!

About 3/4 into it I felt my hamstrings getting tight.  Instead of stopping I kept hearing BP's voice say, "Don't stop, remember your a Queen!"  Thanks for that BP, I love being called a Queen.  It was a 60 degree morning with 77% humidity.  Not as nice as last week, but I'll take it.  After I stretched, iced,  and refueled with a small egg white omelet I was on to lift the iron and take Em to get her 6th grade shots.  She did great too.  

About 2 1/2 weeks to go until race day........

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pick up a ball!

Why do people use a stability ball for squats?


The neutral spine is key when doing a squat. 

That is why the ball is the best piece of equipment

 if you have trouble keeping your spine flat/neutral.

  • ·      Grab a stability ball and a pair of dumbbells
  • ·      Place ball on the wall and stand with the ball in between the middle and top part of you back
  • ·      When you squat, remember that your spine must be in the neutral position without your head moving, (shoulders back, chest out, neutral spine)
  • ·      Holding the dumbbells at your sides squat down to a 90 degree bend, make sure your bottom doesn’t fall below the knee
  • ·      Inhale has you go down, exhale as you come up
  • ·      Don’t LOCK YOUR KNEES, always keep your knees slightly bent even when your standing in the neutral position
  • ·      Work your way up from 10, 15, or even 20 pounds each side
  • ·      When you come up focus on squeezing your glutes together and press in through the heels of your feet

·            This targets the glutes, hamstrings, a quads…..




Sunday, October 12, 2008


Our little man was playing goalie for his soccer team "The Griffins" this past Saturday. 
This is what we do every Saturday in the Old Dominion.  This game was at 1pm and it was a beautiful 70 degree day.

We were very proud of his hard work.

The "blog poster, secret trip planner, 
handsome husband."

How is the game Em?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Funniest line of the week.....

"Brokaw, when did he turn into such a format pimp. I have not see anybody explain the directions that precisely since Bob Barker was explaining Plinko to a crackhead."

~Dennis Miller on Tom Brokaw and the Presidential Debate

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Perfect day off....

This is how I felt today!

My perfect day off today......
  • 50 degree morning with the sun winking at me
  • Completed my 10 mile training run.  No clicking, no pain, no problems.  I did everything coach "anonymous" told me to do and it's paying off......
  • Had an scrumptious egg white omelet with my best bud. (Broken Egg Bistro)
  • Crossed everything off my "to do list"
  • Taught an awesome Strength ride, that everyone seemed to enjoy
You know why I love to train? When I'm having a week where I don't feel I'm doing a good job as a mother, wife, co-worker, friend.  I can go out and complete a really hard workout and feel a great sense of accomplishment, I love that!  

I only wished today I could of run a negative split for the final mile. Well that didn't happen, but I didn't think 10:24 was too bad for the final mile.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shamrock 1/2 Marathon!

John and I have been setting up little surprises for each other lately.  His was a Smith Mountain Lake retreat.  It was memorable to say the least.  Well it was my turn to give the hubby a little surprise.  I talked about "the surprise" all last week, really hyping it up, but secretly realizing it would never match up with the SML retreat.  Well on Saturday night, we sit down to a lovely evening of Fox News, homemade buffalo wings, & "the surprise".  I gave him a lovely card, saying.......(I'm not telling ya'll everything)........and a entry to the Shamrock 1/2 marathon! The gift that keeps on giving, or something like that.  Isn't a running entry what every man wants from his wife?  He was a sport, "Gee, Honey, Thanks." 

So watch out when Mr. & Mrs. T along with Bob, Penny, .... run the Shamrock, March 2009.

Did I do good or what? 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My version of Pinks SSRS!

Hey peeps, here is my latest.....

IEZ~ SSRS (TY Pinkster)                                                45 min. class

Set a pace, attack, return to pace, recovery 

5 Loops

WU-“Destiny” 6:45

Loop 1-“Talk”

-4 min Flat Road, Moderate Gear, Comfortable pace

-1 min add fast-controlled-hold intensity

-1 min (take gear off)-return back to working pace-NOT RECOVERY

-1 min “Last Train….” Recovery-moderate gear


Loop 2-“Last Train to Andromeda”

-4 min Flat Road, Moderate Gear (1st)-then add 2 or 3-

  “Flat road w/a bite”-hold pace the whole time!

-1 min add fast-controlled-hold intensity

-1 min “On Fire” (take gear off)-return back to working pace -NOT RECOVERY

-1 min Recovery-moderate gear

 Loop 3-“On Fire”

-4 min Small Hill (SC)-cadence check-hold pace!

-1 min “Daft Punk vs Ferry Corsten” add fast-controlled-hold intensity

-1 min  (take gear off)-return back to working pace -NOT RECOVERY

-1 min Recovery-moderate gear 

Loop 4-“Dance & Shout”

-4 min Hard Hill (STC)-cadence check-hold pace!

-1 min “Play your part” add fast-controlled-hold intensity

-1 min (take gear off)-return back to working pace -NOT RECOVERY

      (go until end of song)

-1 min “The Saint” Recovery-moderate gear 

Loop 5-“The Saint”-Your Choice-this loop is shorter

-3 min either Comfortable Flat, Flat w/bite, SC, or STC

-1 min “Go” add fast-controlled-hold intensity-give it all you got!

Flat Road…….. “Jardin Chinois”

Cool Down!

 I cut/paste a lot of these songs using MM.  Especially “Play Your Part” & Go”



Destiny (Photek Remix)-Zero 7

Talk (remix)-Coldplay

Last Train to Andromeda-Overlab

On Fire- Astrix

Harder,Stronger,Better, Faster Fire- Daft Punk vs Ferry Corsten

Dance & Shout (Remix)-Shaggy

Play Your Part (Pt. 2)-Girl Talk

The Saint Theme (Moby Remix)-Orbital

Go (Delirium Mix)-Moby

Jardin Chinois- Cirque Du Soleil





Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm playing the lottery.....

Before playing you must follow these rules:

  • Possibly seek a psychologist
  • Enter with no expectation of ever being selected
  • Obtain support from family & friends (TY JT)
  • Think about hiring a professional IM trainer
  • Be a little bit insane
  • Complete a IM 70.3 qualifying race
Were you thinking I was scratching government sponsored (don't get me started) lottery tickets? This is a much better gamble.  For me to compete in the "Boston" of the Tri Community would be the race of a lifetime.  But remember,  I have no expectation of ever being selected......

Friday, October 3, 2008

~Happy Fall~

  • Enjoy the cool weather, your family, & band aids!
  • Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beach 2 Battleship Part 4

Good News........

I started out today on a beautiful fall 70 degree morning in the Old Dominion.  I had the cute pink tank, water, tunes, and sport beans.  I needed to complete a 9 mile run "comfortably". Well I finished 9 with no clicking, pain, or discomfort in the knee! Yahoo...... I had the beans at the 5 mile mark, then ran three before my final mile where I drank some gatorade and finished.

Ok the Bad News........

Wrong Socks + Rubbing = Blisters!

I know BP & SM would appreciate my "true grit" and kept up with my run.

At least I had that cute tank on! Can you say....OUCH?!?

My favorite blend....

Next time your "in the mood" to buy a new blend of coffee.  I totally recommend the Kenya blend.  John and I love dark bold coffee and this one is absolutely are favorite.  I know some think that Starbucks is over rated but not us, we love our freshly ground Kenya beans in the morning.

You can tell it's been a light blog day.....