Sunday, October 12, 2008


Our little man was playing goalie for his soccer team "The Griffins" this past Saturday. 
This is what we do every Saturday in the Old Dominion.  This game was at 1pm and it was a beautiful 70 degree day.

We were very proud of his hard work.

The "blog poster, secret trip planner, 
handsome husband."

How is the game Em?


Jennifer Roberts said...

Go Jay!!!
What great pictures... I know you're a proud Mama!!!
Want to see you guys soon....

billpierce said...

These pictures are too cute for me to make fun of. I won't be frequenting this blog as often if there is nothing that I can make a smart ass comment about.

Hey, how come you aren't running laps around the soccer field during these games? That would make a great threshold workout.


bend it like me said...

Shannon -

Your son looks like he has a lot of potential in this sport. Maybe one day he can be filthy rich and marry a twig with implants, like me.

If you're wondering how I found your blog, my friends Rachel Ray and Deena Kastor turned me on to it. You're huge in both the celebrity and elite athlete worlds and I reside in both.



Shannon said...

Hey David can you come over and practice with Jay sometime, I could take pictures!

Jennifer Roberts said...

please, please, please call me if that EVER happens.

billpierce said...

...and call me if David is accompanied by the Twig with Implants Spice Girl. Which one was she?

In fact, why don't you invite all of your celebrity blog posters to a party after you finish your 1/2 IM Relay? I'd probably come out to the VA to hang with Rachel, David, Deena, not to mention the elite triathletes that admire you. I'll see if my homey Kanye can come with. He'll probably remember you from the Spin class that he took from you.


Shannon said...

Hey Jenn, you'll be the first one I call and maybe we'll request him to take off his shirt when he practices.

Sorry BP, we'll have to ask the skinny wife, "what's her name" to stay back in Beverly Hills.

Tiffany said...

Go Jay!!
Sweet pics.

Anonymous said...

I think the game is good, can I come again.