Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Perfect day off....

This is how I felt today!

My perfect day off today......
  • 50 degree morning with the sun winking at me
  • Completed my 10 mile training run.  No clicking, no pain, no problems.  I did everything coach "anonymous" told me to do and it's paying off......
  • Had an scrumptious egg white omelet with my best bud. (Broken Egg Bistro)
  • Crossed everything off my "to do list"
  • Taught an awesome Strength ride, that everyone seemed to enjoy
You know why I love to train? When I'm having a week where I don't feel I'm doing a good job as a mother, wife, co-worker, friend.  I can go out and complete a really hard workout and feel a great sense of accomplishment, I love that!  

I only wished today I could of run a negative split for the final mile. Well that didn't happen, but I didn't think 10:24 was too bad for the final mile.


Kay said...

Awww...I had a wonderful time, too. Especially when the lady apologized for her husband!!! Hahahahaha!!!
Love you!

billpierce said...

Shannon -

Sorrry that I couldn't respond when this was posted. I was observing Yom Kippur. When you're a smart ass, you have a lot to atone for, so I was in synagogue all day.

10 miles feeling good with no pain is awesome. The knee band had to help and you're probably also getting stronger around the joint. Don't worry about the pace of any mile of this run. The idea is to condition your body to produce energy and withstand the strain for longer and longer periods of time. 10 miles is getting you closer to the 13.1 race distance. You should concern yourself with pace during your weekly tempo runs. That's where you build speed. The race is where that speed comes together with your endurance for a great result.