Sunday, October 26, 2008

Final Training Run for B2B

Well I'm done! I guess I'm ready as I'll ever be.  This morning was beautiful for a final training run, a 53 degree sunny fall morning.  My husband started out with me and ran 6 and then he came in a made pancakes.  I had 14 to do this morning, BP suggested I run two extra miles for physical and metal tenacity and I felt great until mile 10.  I still had 4 more to go and the friggin left knee start tweaking.  At first it started to click, and then the aching started kicking in.  I tried to ignore it for a while until I had to stop and walk.  It felt like the knee was going to give out.  I did the final 4 with a run/walk combination.  I was so pissed and discouraged.  I mean just a week ago I ran 11 with no knee problems.

This is how I looked when I finished.  Do you enjoy my running ensemble?

Came in, and immediately went for the ice to only find this in the freezer to ice my knee.  Do you think I'll need to wash these before I put these in the kids lunches? (Jay says, "Yes, Mom")
I stretched and had my hot warm pancakes John had made.

I'm optimistic that everything will be fine.  I'm strong and confident and I want to have a great time with a bunch of great ladies.  So hotel is booked, subs are covering my classes, looking forward to seeing a part of NC that I've never seen and hoping for a great race with a new PR for a 1/2 marathon.  Hey what can I say, I'm slow but having fun doing it.  

Wish me luck peeps!


Robert said...

Sounds like you've over-trained but at least it's the last session before your race - ice up, rest up and you'll be fine on the day. Be strong!

Jennifer Roberts said...

Hey girl! Good work! I'll be thinking of ya, and praying for a fun, safe, time for you girls!
LOVE the nail polish!!

billpierce said...

Shannon -

Ice up your knee and forget about this run. Think only pleasant thoughts like how well you did the 11 miles. Taper this week, making sure to not do anything that might aggravate your knee. Go into the B2B feeling great about your training season. You'll have a great race.

Cute outfit. Are you planning on wearing that for the race?


Eric said...

We both have big races coming this week so enjoy the taper week good luck

Travis Owney said...

Great job Shannon! You'll be fine for the race but does this mean that since you get to take it easy, you will be taking it easy on us tonight? :-)

Chris said...

Hey Shannon, You know (not that this will help you but...) I have found that I seem to have my best races after a final crappy trainign session.

Not sure really why but it even holds true for when I played inthe marching band in HS (a long time ago. Whenever we would have a crappy practice on the Friday before a game we would always smoke our half-time routine. Maybe it has something to do with being double focused on nailing it during a race?

The bottom line is that you have done the training, put in the miles/hours and your body is ready for this weekend! Now, relax (as if that's possible), enjoy your fitness and have a fun race. I will be cheering and praying for you from here...

Steve Stenzel said...

Stupid knee.

And sweet boom-box shirt!! I love it!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the encouraging words peeps. I appreciate it.

Jenn~ Go with the black! It's very in right now.

Bill ~I'll always be your Queen.

Eric~You are going to rock and roll this weekend.

Travis~I hope your mouth feels better.

Chris~Thanks for praying, I'll need it! I think this weekend is going to be great.

Steve~Maybe one day we can hook up and do the YMCA together.

Jennifer Sage said...

You have the attitude, and that's 99% of it! The rest will take care of itself, because you've trained so well. I just hope you have no more barfing kids!!

Good luck and can't wait to hear how it goes. rock on!


ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear about your knee! Hopefully it won't act up on race day. Didn't know you were doing B2B. I'm thinking I *might* do the full next year. Look forward to hearing how your race goes!

Tiffany said...

your amazing!
love ya girl!