Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you push yourself? I don't......

Ironman Louisville 2012

Bree Wee
Ironman Louisville 2012 Champion

Patriots Half Iron 2012

Patriots Half Iron 2012

Patriots Half Iron 2012

Patriots Half Iron 2012

Patriots Half Iron 2012

Lil' Man
1st Place 15-under
Smith Mountain Lake Sprint 2012

September 8th I was in a relay for a Half Iron distance triathlon.
1.2 mile Swim
58 mile Bike
13.1 Run

What's MORE important is what I saw.

Since I was the swim leg I had a lot of time on my hands so I watched, witnessed, and got schooled.

As I lifted my camera to work on my photog skillz, I learned so much looking through the camera lens.  I saw HARD work, good training, dedicated folks, people who pushed themselves to their limits.

Dear Athletes,

you guys inspire me with your final collapse to the finish line, your vomiting at the yellow tape, your medical cart pulling up to assist you, your water dumped over head and grabbing knees I don’t think I can stand up….YOU INSPIRE ME!

Am I doing that?


I need to step up my game, I have the opportunity to do what I saw today.  I waste that opportunity with excuses, laziness, and preoccupation.  I was inspired today seeing folks really push hard to reach their goals whilst I sit by and perform at a mediocre level.  This isn't acceptable if I want to be the best athlete I can when I enter a race.

Are you working at a mediocre level?

Many of you share with me your wants, desires, and heart felt wishes about wanting to be in the best shape of your life.  You are motivated to change but when the HARD work begins, many of you (including myself) come up with excuses or preoccupation.  I'd have to say only 2% of you are really stepping up and doing what is necessary to make the HARD, necessary changes it takes to achieve your goals.

FYI-3500 calories burn one pound of fat

To burn that fat you have to eat clean and work out to burn the fat you have collected over the months and years.  Is it it hard work? YES!  Are we gonna work at a mediocre level or are we gonna step up OUR game and try and perform to the best of our abilities.

Join me.