Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clean Eating Snacks

Uh.....put that crack pipe down!

Clean Eating Snacks

  • The reason for snacking in between meals is to keep the body fueled all day long. This is important for several reasons but quite simply you don't want rise and falls in your blood sugar which leads to overeating at the next meal.

  • Sometimes I hear people say, "Shannon, I wasn't hungry at snack time so why bother eating?" The reason is by the time you get to the next meal, i.e., lunch, dinner, your body has fasted for many hours and you will most likely eat way over the amount at the next meal. The other reason is keeping the metabolism and blood sugars at normal levels so it can work effectively at providing you fuel for your day to day life and exercise sessions.

  • Remember kids, you have to EAT to lose weight. It's just a fun little game you have to play around with your body. Not eating=starvation=body holds on to fat because it loves you and thinks it's trying to protect you.

  • The snack is 100-200 calories and should include a complex carbohydrate & protein.

Clean Eating Snacks

~Apple w/ Natural Nut Butter
~Carrots, Celery, & Hummus
~Pretzel Chips/Tortilla w/Bean Dip or Salsa
~Popcorn w/ 1/2 Protein Bar
~Lara Bars, Luna Bars, Power Bars (watch calories)
~Dried Fruit/Nuts
~Whole Grain Bread w/Natural Nut Butter
~100/200 Calorie Smoothie
~Soy Nuts & Small Apple
~Lo-Fat Yogurt & Natural Granola (Bare Naked)
~Small Brown Rice w/Sesame Seeds sprinkled on top
~Whole Wheat Crackers w/ Low Fat Cheese
~Dark Chocolate Square & Handful of Nuts
~Cottage Cheese w/Handful Blueberries
~Natural Turkey Jerkey w/piece of fruit
~Egg Whites/Baby Carrots
~Protein Shake
~Handful Almonds & Handful Grapes
~Couple slices of Lean Turkey & Whole Wheat Crackers
~Ezekial bread tsp. Natural Nut Butter


  • A couple more helpful tips. When you eat nuts (ouch....sorry I couldn't resist) make sure they're natural, no salt, no sugar, RAW!
  • Watch protein bars, they are loaded with calories. Sometimes I cut one protein bar in half and eat 1/2 for my morning snack and 1/2 for my afternoon snack.
  • The snack is supposed to be small but fortified to help you get to the next meal. Sometimes people eat way to many calories at the snack time. Remember 100-200 calories is all you need.

Share your favorite Clean Eating Snack!

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I'm approaching 100....

I need to gain 38 more peeps to reach 100 followers.

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So what "follower" are you anyway?

Clean Eating Snacks....tomorrow

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ready for a challenge?

So I was reading the Trail Running Goddesses Blog when I came across this little gem, "I had a great run/WOD today. Ran 7 miles . Every mile I did 50 squats and 50 Lunges. I call it the leg killer because by the end my legs are killing."

Here is the Challenge

-Run 7 miles
-After each mile stop do 50 squats or 50 lunges
-After the 7th mile do 60 squats

No Cheating...

Quads were on Fire!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Clean Eating Breakfast

  • As promised I would break down in smaller chunks the concept of "clean eating."

  • Some studies show that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you won't have a tendency to overeat later in the day if the body is fueled at the start of it. Starting the day with a good clean breakfast will replace the glucose your body has been fasting all night and will fuel the brain and body for the day.

  • Interesting fact, adults who eat breakfast have an easier time losing weight vs. those who didn't eat breakfast were 460x more likely to gain weight.

  • Following the clean eating principles you must include a lean protein with every meal, including breakfast. Here are some clean eating breakfast ideas to help you start the day off right.
Clean Eating Breakfast

Wheat Bran Cereals
Whole Grain Breads
Whole Grain Wraps
Lean Meats
Egg Whites
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Fruit
Protein Shakes

~Ezekiel bread w/one tablespoon nut butter
~Hard boiled egg whites w/ whole wheat toast
~Oatmeal w/ 2 scoops protein powder & handful of fruit
~Scrambled egg whites on Ezekiel bread
~Protein Smoothie (Try adding Spinach)
~Bowl of Whole Grain Cereal w/ soy milk & berries
~Egg white omelets w/ salsa, pico de gallo

  • At any meal including breakfast it should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, & lean protein.
  • Don't starve and avoid sugar, fats, or artificial sweeteners.

If you are already eating clean, share your favorite
breakfast with us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smile It's Hump Day!

The Scotch MegaEgg

20 hard-boiled eggs wrapped in bacon and covered in sausage meat and breading, baked whole.

The Double Coronary Burger

A burger topped with five slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, two fried eggs, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Icingcano

Bottom layer of brownies, topped by a layer of chocolate cake and a layer of red velvet cake, smothered in Oreos mixed with frosting, rice Krispies, marshmallow fluff, meringue and chocolate pudding.


Ale boiled with butter, sugar, an egg yolk and topped with a whipped cream and nutmeg.

Where the Buffalo “Rome”
Triple-decker pizza stack (1 ham, 1 sausage, 1 pepperoni) layered with boneless buffalo chicken wings, topped with a ranch and buffalo sauce, sprinkled with bacon bits. Served with a side of ranch dressing.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Clean Eating 101

  • I think most of you know how I feel about "New Year Resolutions." My feelings are mixed, on the one hand I'm excited, pumped, & jazzed about people making a decision to put health first in their lives. On the other hand, child don't need to wait until January 1st to gain control of a healthy lifestyle and most times people stop by March because it gets too difficult. (rolling eyes) With all that being said, I've been asked a lot about what my advice is on "diets, nutrition, and how to lose weight."

Clean Eating!

  • In the past I've talked about clean eating and what a huge fan I am. I wanted to touch base on my blog about the subject of clean eating. This is not necessarily a "diet" but more a healthy way to eat and lose weight at the same time. The simple and easiest way to explain clean eating is eating natural foods (God's food), nothing processed, combining complex carbohydrates and proteins at every meal and the food is broken up into 5-6 mini meals a day.


Example: 1800 Calorie Diet


Mid Morning Snack-200


Late Afternoon Snack-200


After Dinner Snack-200

  • The key is to keep the body from "starving" until the next meal. This keeps the metabolism (your body's engine) charged, blood sugar levels regulated, and helps with overall health & clarity of mind, body, and spirit.

In the trainers library:

  • The bottom line is I think people think they have to suffer, starve, and make themselves miserable to lose weight. This unfortunately develops a cycle of starve, lose weight, burn out, gain weight, starve, lose weight, burn out, gain weight....

  • You have to eat to lose weight and keep the body charged throughout the day!
  • I would never recommend something I didn't try out myself. This changed my perspective in healthy eating and helped me to be in the best shape of my life. :)
  • In the next few weeks, I'm gonna offer more information about clean eating and how you can make in a part of your life very easily.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smile It's Hump Day!

So you're back in the gym again.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Secret Obsession

Think it looks easy?
-64 buttons
-64 individual sounds
-no preset loops
-video shot on 2 HD cameras
-audio captured right to camera
-1 live take

If you could pick another profession other than what you are currently doing what would it be? It's no surprise that mine is being a dj. I love everything about the dj, the music, making people dance and smile, and getting free drinks! ;) I dj from my home and bring my tracks together and serve them up in the nearest spin room and this is probably the closest I'll come to actually dj'ng in a club. I do find myself when I go out to a club fantasizing about sauntering over to the dj booth, grabbing the headphones, and going to work. I think to myself "if I were up there I would make everyone leave their seats and jump to the dance floor." Maybe one day......

What is your secret obsession?

Happy New Year
This Year Do What You Love!