Monday, June 22, 2009

"Swapping Turns"-Spin Workout

“Swapping Turns” from the wonderful Sage  45 min.

·      -HR stays under 85%-until the last :30 of each segment where we raise HR above

WU-6:00-moderate gear for a couple......

Add to small hill 17-20    -SC 3:30-cadence check

                                         -STC :30-surge!

                                        -SC 3:00

                                        -STC 1:00-last :30 surge!

Add to harder hill 15-20  -SC 2:30

                                        -STC 1:30-last :30 surge!

Go Hard or Go Home!    -SC 2:00

                                        -STC 2:00-last :30 surge!

 Recovery 2:00 Flat Road-Moderate Gear

(Now start out with the Standing Climb)

 Add to small hill 17-20 -STC 3:30-cadence check before you go out

                                      -SC :30 –surge in the saddle!

                                      -STC 3:00

                                      -SC 1:00-last :30 surge!

Add to harder hill 15-20 -STC 2:30

                                      -SC 1:30-last :30 surge!

Go Hard or Go Home!  -STC 2:00

                                      -SC 2:00-last :30 surge!

 Flat Road-Moderate Gear

 Cool Down!


I'm Not Alone - Deadmau5 Remix-Calvin Harris

Girl By The Sea - Cut Copy Remix-The Presets

Heel & Toe-Adam Freeland (TY Coach)

What - Boy 8 Bit Mix-His Majesty Andre

Wolfgang's 5th Symphony - Original Mix-Wolfgang Gartner

Acid 8000-Fatboy Slim

Sanctuary (3:35 version)-Origene

Hope & Glory-F A I T H L E S S


teacherwoman said...

Where do you find all this music? iTunes? I need to add some more good music to my playlist!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

You could start a website and charge for this stuff. Retire earlier... not a bad idea chic.

You are a music DIVA.

Shannon said...

Thanks guys! I get my tracks from all sorts of sources and I pale in comparison to some of my comrades. These particular tracks came from

Dave said...

Ok...I do spin at least once a week. My wife and I will spin tonight...I use is as a recovery day.

The workout looks good but I don't have a clue what any of that means...and for music...just once I would love for a spin instructor to have all angst ridden music...Metallica, AC/DC, get the drift...

you should seriously charge for this stuff.

Jennifer Sage said...


I like the different twist you gave it with starting with the standing climb the second round, and surging while seated. Makes for two great profiles!

Steve sent me some of these songs - am really enjoying them, esp Deadmau and The Presets - thanks so much for finding them and introducing us to them! Sanctuary by Origene is one of my longtime favorites. That's also available on Emusic - can get it as a free d/l. For those who wonder how to expand their music libraries (for very little, or even free) here's some tips:

Keep up the great work girlfriend! Your students must LOVE you!



Wes said...

would this work for say, old people? :-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nice workout, sister!

Sometimes, your posts read like some sort of computer code!

Shannon said...

Glaven~ Bro...code is sometimes better than constantly talking about your n*ts*ack! LOL