Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tag...You're It!

I love playing tag especially when I'm being tagged on the boo-tay!  The amazing, inspirational, and man of steel IronBob tagged me in the final rounds of the game.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
-WSSC Miami
-School being out
-Hanging on the beach with my girls, my kids, & my smoking hot cowgirl hat
-Personal Training
-Nation's Triathlon
-"Stay Motivated" Summer Challenge
-Mud Run
-Hot Yoga with Tricia

8 Things I did Yesterday:
-Lifted 30lb. for oblique crunches 
-Got a Pedicure
-Shopped at Old Navy with my daughter
-Went to a wedding and I didn't no a single soul
-Consumed "Coconut Creme Pie" from Cold Stone
-Got pissed off at an email
-Had a splitting headache that I needed the big guns to get rid of
-Listened to some new music

8 Things I would like to do:
-IM World Championships (lottery please)-Me Too Bob
-European Cruise
-Buy an RV and travel the United States
-Go on a missions trip
-Adventure Race
-See a Broadway Play in NY
-Sky Dive
-WSSC 2010 

8 Shows I watch: 
-Amazing Race
-American Idol
-Ax Men
-60 Minutes
-The O'Reilly Factor

Leave a comment if you want me to tag your boo-tay!


Jess said...

I would like to sky dive too, but my husband is very much against me jumping out of an airplane.

Wes said...

my boo-tay is off limits :-)

Missy said...

Great lists! Yeah, Kona lottery would rock out.

Anonymous said...

7 reality/news shows and the o'reilly factor (well, bill thinks its reality).

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I've been tagged with this one, but can't think of 8 shows that I watch, so haven't posted anything yet. Hehehe

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Someone else who watches Survivor? I thought I was the last one! To admit it, at least.

Everyone else talks about Dancing with The D List Stars and The Big Luuuzer.

But no one talks about Survivor ...

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you have a great summer on tap. Good luck wiht IM worlds!

Kala Marie said...

Fun, fun! :)

teacherwoman said...

Great post! THanks for sharing!

Marcy said...

What's Ruby?!? I must be out of it LOL

triguyjt said...

I must take up "Hot Yoga"!!!!

amybatt said...

Girl, there are way too many things to say here. Hot Yoga, Amazing Race, PT, the beach...I'd swear we really were twins.