Monday, May 11, 2009

"Stay-Motivated" Summer Challenge

What happens in the summer when you're a fitness instructor? The class size diminishes to half the size.  Why is this? Kids are out of school, parents routine altered.  People are on vacation.  Riding, walking, or running outdoors or they stop working out.  I'm interested in addressing the last one.  

Peeps stop working out, they come back in September with a few extra pounds and start working out again.  I want people to work out year round, I want them to wrap their brains around the fact that working out 3-4x a week is a must like eating, drinking, or sleeping.  With all that being said, I created the "Staying-Motivated" Summer Challenge.

Here is how is works, for the months of June, July, & August they have to commit to something they've never done before to stay motivated.  If they sign up they have me as their accountability partner and they win free shiz!  What free stuff? Water Bottles, Spin Swag, Massages, Portraits, Creams, Socks, etc.  

So far so good.......

Tricia-"yoga with Shannon" (nice Tricia)
Suzanne-eat a salad every day 
Chrissy-Keep a food journal
Donnie-SML Triathlon
Travis-R'nR 1/2 Marathon
Chris-SML Triathlon
Mike & Elena-5k
Kenny & Karen-Yoga

The month of May is our sign up month....I'll keep adding names as we go along.

Each Monday & Wednesday I'll pull a name out of the hat, so peeps have to-come-to-spin-class-to-receive-their-prize.  See how this works, my classes stay full, they stay fit & win free stuff, plus their doing an activity they've never done before which just may inspire them in new ways.


teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great challenge. Last summer, I committed to 30 days of working out in June. Each day consisted of at least 30 minutes of something, whether it was a walk, swim, bike, or run. I lost 6 pounds that month. I think I am going to try and do it again this June. :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Sounds like a classic win-win for whoever signs up - they win twice!

Great idea to keep 'em motivated and keep your classes full.

Jess said...

That's a great idea! Around here, I think gym membership must rise in the summer because it gets so dang hot to workout outdoors. That, or everybody suddenly takes up swimming!

raulgonemobile said...

Nice idea.. I need to keep myself motivated as well at times. (I think often that we all do)

Definite win-win for you & them

IronBob said...

Payola always is a motivator !!!

tfh said...

That's a very cool idea. Maybe I'll give myself a prize for every week I stick to my workouts. :)

Missy said...

I wanna come to class! Dang it.

RunToFinish said...

ah yes the seasonal hubs is good over the summer and then hibernates for the winter

Wes said...

Peeps like challenges! Great idea!!

Vickie said...

Staying motivated during any month is never a problem. I don't understand it either. Its the other way around here. Its the winter months that keeps people hibernating.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Wow! You are a great motivator. :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

This is a GREAT idea!!

When I taught, I too noticed the same thing about class sizes dwindling some over the summer, but not in my corporate fitness class. People still had to go to work ;-)

Mike Hall said...

Hey Shannon we just finished our 5k and Elena wants to do an 8K next. Our times were great too!

Time Pace
Mike: 33:25.33 10.52/M
Elena 38:57.44 12:38/M