Friday, August 7, 2009

Five Elements of Summer

So many things come to mind that have brought me joy this summer.  These were the first 5 that popped into my head.  I'll finish the summer out McLovin' on all the rest.

1. New Kicks

-Look how shiny and new they look.  Aren't they purty? I love new kicks so much I want to make a pillow for them and tuck them in every night.  "Night Asics, Mommy loves you."

2. She's 13!?!

-Her first girl/boy party.  I was eating the inside of my mouth when deciding whether or not she could have "boys at my party?" I know we all hear it but, "where does the time go?"

3. Kid's Camp
-For one week I won't hear this!-

"Mom, I'm bored."
"Mom, get off the computer."
"Hey Mom, what are we doing today?"
"Mom, I'm bored."
" aren't you answering me?"

4. Being Pimped Out.....

-Thank you to Janny Chou and the wonderful folks from POM Wonderful for sending me a lovely care package of 100 % pomegranate juice.  I love me some POM in my protein smoothies, my favorite adult beverage, or in a spritzer.  Think Health.......

Other companies needing me as their spokesperson (bitch), send me an email. 

5.) Beaching With My "Soul-Sista"

-I love her even when she said this, "Shannon, it looks like there is a gerbil on your head!" 

How is your summer going?



Instead of "Dad, I'm bored" or whatever... around here it is "Son, where are my swim goggles?". I have about 3 things they know not to screw wallet, my tri bike, and my goggles, BUT NOOOO!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, wow! You'll be the spokesb*tch for GQH, Inc.? Company motto: "Meeting ALL Your N*ts@ck-al Needs Since Late 2008".

I can only pay you in defective n*ts@cks, but you'll never go wanting in the n*ts@ck dept.

Wait. "Defective" is such a harsh word. Let me change that to "irregular". Some even have pouches for THREE n*ts! Thst's a 50% BONUS! That's not a defect! That's a n*ts@ckular WINDFALL!1!

Let me know if you're up to this, sister!

Wes said...

The kicks are purty... are they still white? :-)

Jess said...

My mom used to always say, "If you're bored, I can find something for you to do." And that "something" was usually an unpleasant task like cleaning the bathrooms or weeding the garden, so I almost never dared to utter it.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

My Summer is coming to an end. School registration next week and they start the week after that.

teacherwoman said...

Yes, summer is coming to an end. back at work on the 17th, but in and out of the school ALL next week. *sniff sniff*

X-Country2 said...

I love new kicks. L O V E. Those sure are pretty! Have a great summer.

Missy said...

Wait, your soul sista is white?! I'm confused, black girl trapped in a white girls body, mayyybe?

Ah boy girl parties! I remember those. Never let them be alone in the basement!!!;)

Chris said...

I need the details and advice on surviving (and even throving) the girls pre-teen into teens years.. Mine are only 7 and 4..............Help!!

Great pics lately , you look so healthy and way happy!!

RunToFinish said...

ok I feel woefully behind on posts but I'm trying! ohhh my first boy/girl party was for like my 2nd birthday. Dude I wanted to be friends when like EVERYONE