Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Fever

We have Olympic fever here at the Tipton household.  Every night we're either sacked out on the couch watching or all snuggled in the bed.  Here is what excited us the most this week.

Michael Phelps! He is an awesome athlete.  What we are witnessing won't probably be seen in our lifetime again, keep watching our golden boy America.


~Golden Girls~

Move over Gabrielle Reece, I think I found my two favorite volleyball players.  Did you see the match against those Belgium's Van Breedam & Mouha? Out of your seat excitement! The first match was so close 24-22, they barely squeaked it out and rocked the fake sand in China.  I think the Belgium's need to work on eating less waffles because the second match was a wash, 21-10.  Go all the way Misty & Kerri!

Wang Xin/Chen Ruolin

I have to mention the Chinese synchronized diving team.  They had the most beautiful dives.  We thought they deserved to win the gold medal.  Diving perfection.

I guess we won't be seeing China Idol anytime soon.  Shame on you China for the child swap. She won the right to sing and we should of seen Yang Peiyi sing.

I guess I expect to much for a communist country to act fair.  

BTW, if you've walked through the frozen isle thinking, "I wonder if that's any good?"  It actually is. My peeps know how picky I can be and I'd actually buy and feed this to my cherubs again.  We ate this while gearing up for our Olympic watching huddle.


Jennifer Roberts said...

Great pictures!! And I'll try the Stouffer's... always looking for a "quick and easy", if you know what I mean..
and darn it all, I forgot we'll be on vacation the weekend of your triathalon... I'm SOOO sorry, cuz I wouldve been there to cheer!