Saturday, August 23, 2008

SEZ coming your way....

This one is for my spinning peeps.

I was inspired to do a 70's & 80's ride.
This is the 70's strength ride.

SEZ-75%-85%         45 min. class

WU-“Rock Lobster” (6:44) 

“Mr. Blue Sky” 75%

~3:00 Flat Road-moderate gear/high cadence

~1:00 Run-Add-power up “making our way to the base of our 26 min. climb”

 “Life in the fast lane” & “Taken’ care of business” 75-85%

~1:00 seated climb-70 rpm/75%

~2:00 standing climb-“turn the resistance to the highest possible”-60 rpm/85%

~1:00 seated climb-take some resistance off, same as above

~2:00 standing climb-same as above

~1:00 seated climb-same as above

~2:00 standing climb-same as above 

“Low Rider” 85%-

~1:00 seated climb-70 rpm/75%/ cadence check to make sure their on a hill

~Jumps on a hill-cue form-slower jumps

 “Jackie Wilson” 80%

~Seated Climb-3:00(hold the gear-don’t touch)

~talk about working recovery, get them ready for the next part of climb

 “Free Bird” 75-85%

~Seated/Standing Climb throughout

(When song speeds up-they need to match their cadence, save your energy at the early part of this last climb) 

“I fought the law” -65-75%

~Flat Road-moderate gear-water-towel off

 Cool Down-“The Stranger”


The 70’s Playlist

Rock Lobster-B-52’s

Mr. Blue Sky- ELO

Life in the fast lane-The Eagles

Taken care of business-BTO

Low Rider (remix)-War

Jackie Wilson-Van Morrison

Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynyrd

I fought the law-The Clash

The Stranger-Billy Joel


Anonymous said...

last saturday i set a new PR for the 5mi run - 25mi bike - 1.5hr soccer - 8mi bike - rent a 15p van - drive to corolla - rally teenagers - drive back to VB - unload teenagers - teach childrens church - return 15p van decathlon +1 event

Shannon said...


You should be proud of your new PR. I want to be like you when I grow up!