Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beach 2 Battleship Race Rundown!

Hey Peeps, here is the rundown of my relay race of Beach 2 Battleship 1/2 Iron.

A beautiful sunrise off the balcony in the morning.  The temps were chilly in the morning, but a high of 70 degrees when the run leg was to start at 12:30.

Tony & Mary ("the swimmer") getting ready to take the shuttle to the swim start.

(Mary did the swim in 31:34)

Bike to Run transition, ready to take Michelle's ("the biker") chip and do my thing.  

(Michelle did the bike in 3:14:25)

~Mile 3~

I felt great! I didn't have any problems with my knee.  The volunteers, the aid stations, and crowds were awesome.  The course was well planned out, it went up through downtown, several neighborhoods, and a really peaceful park.  The shady parts really helped when I started feeling hot.  I was so glad I got a glimpse into what it takes to do a full 1/2 Iron.  I was blowing past a lot of people that were obviously feeling "the bricks," encouraging them to push through and dig deep.  They didn't know I was a relay and had fresh legs.  It taught me to take my own training for the Eagleman 09' very seriously.


I killed my old PR by 10 minutes 22 seconds!
(can you believe it BP?)

Team Chix Mix!

Michelle "The Biker", Me "The Runner", & Mary "The Swimmer"


and even better........

We placed!!!!!

~2nd Place all Female relay team~

(so what if there were only two all female teams, it felt great to hear our names and place)

Full IronMan Winner-8:47:25 (amazing)
Bjarne Moller-Denmark

With every "inaugural" race there are always snafu's.  This one was huge.  They didn't have enough boats (only 2) to transport thousands of people over the cape fear river to the parking destination.  Each boat could only hold 30 people at a time.  We had to stand in line for over two hours to get to our car.  I would hate to see the race directors email box.  They had a dude with a golf cart offering water, soda, donuts to calm nerves.  I said, "hey next year you might want to get more boats."  I was just "the runner" and felt sorry for the full and half racers that had to stand in line that long.  Overall it was a blast and I'm thankful!


Nancy Toby said...

Congratulations!!! Well done ladies!! Thanks for the update!

Patrick said...

Excellent work. I'm impressed by how substantially you crushed your previous PR! Hard work yields iron results. It's for sure.



PS I only now realized that my blog does not alert me when people comment on my posts. So I set it so that I will be notified. Now I will be able to respond to all your lovely comments!

The Spinningman said...

Major congratulations to all 3 of you (but especially you,Shannon) hard work pays off (I hate it when Patrick says it first ;-) )now have some chocolate ice cream!

92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Awesome job, lovely lady! I can see the joy in your face.... well done :)
I'm SOOO proud of you!!
I'm buying the coffee Saturday

bend it like me said...

Shannon -

I planned to be at the finish line with my shirt off but I expected you 22 minutes after you actually arrived, so I got there late and missed you. A 22 minute PR is awesome. I'll completely remove all of my clothing if you can finish you next half in under 2.

Congrats and Cheers,


bend it like me said...

Sorry, Victoria was bugging me because I wasn't paying attention to her so I didn't pay attention to your blog. A 10 minute 22 second, not a 22 minute PR, is excellent. Of course, I'll still take off all of my clothes at the finish if you can do the next one in under 2. My stick with implants wife may object but pretty soon she'll have wasted away to just silicon balloons so it won't matter.

You'll be able to improve your time a lot if you don't lift your hands up in the air every time you see a camera.



paula newby-fraser said...

Shannon -

The entire elite triathlete community is abuzz with your team's second place finish. I may have to get back into competition so I can kick your ass.



rachel ray said...

Shannon -

My friends David and Paula alerted me and the rest of the Food Network crew to your outstanding result. Girlfriend, not only can you cook, but you were really cooking on the race course. Have some post race EVOO on me.


Nicole said...

I am so very proud of you sister! I love you!! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on your PR and team place!!

Loved the pictures of the battleship and of you your teammates but not the one with the long lines at the end. I hope the RD will fix that for next year as it looks to be a great race otherwise!

92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Really??? If HE'S there with his shirt off, I just might have to start training...

bend it like me said...

Jennifer -

Sorry, I only take my shirt off for the Queen. And only if she PRs. But, if either of you can run a sub 2 hour half, I'll be at the finish line in my boxers, if Victoria lets me.



Travis Owney said...

Awesome Shannon! Congrats on the new PR!!!!!!!! One question though.... did you run the entire race with your arms extended up in the "V"? :-)

bend it lime me said...

Travis -

Not only am I a world class football star, filthy rich, incredibly good looking, and married to a fashion model, I'm also incredibly funny with a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor. I made the same joke 7 posts up, but much funnier.



Shannon said...

Thanks for all the comments, especially my running coach BP. Who else has a smart-ass trainer post on their blog?

I appreciate your comments guys you make me smile and you all know how hard I worked. It was one of the most memorable races I've ever been apart of. Thanks for letting me share. :)

Viv said...

Wow, great job out there! You had a smoking PR! Exta cool bonus on the hardward....

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