Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Ups to #5!

Top 5

#1 Powerful Women

-As I was watching Serena win the Australian Open last weekend, I thought of how much I admire powerful women, women who over come adversity, and do what they love regardless of what people think of them.  My hats are off to the ladies this week!

#2 New Workout Outfits

-Don't you love getting new workout clothes? I got this little number for my trip to Miami in May! The top is inspiration to keep that "hand to mouth" disease under control.  The skort is by Terry and has those comfy bike shorts underneath but without the look of a diapered booty.

#3 The Push-Up   


#4 Back Seat Love

-No not what you do with your hubby (dirty minded people).  The kind when your driving with the kids in the back seat and just randomly say, "I love you."  They both say, "I love you 2" at the same time.  AWESOME! Get what I'm saying? Favoritism in family's suck!  They thought I was talking to them as individuals, feeling the same, that's why they both said it back.  Then one said, "were you talking to me?" I think I'm doing at least one thing right today.  They both know I love them equally!

#5 WSSC 

-Finally registered this week for WSSC (World Spinning Sports Conference). In May I get to spin with my buddies from all over the world.  Last year was my first year and I had a blast! I hope to be able to go every year. Want to go?

Here are my sessions:
Visualization for Results
Kettlebell Power
How Big is Your Why?
Coach Your Ride
AT Training with the Conconi Test
Let's Jump!
Bike Fit
Breathwork on the Bike
Standing Flats vs. Run w/Resistance
Jumpin' to the Drum
Motivational Methods
Sprinting Like a Cyclist
Ride with Team Spinning


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Nice list. I was right there with you until #5.

I know that spinning is your thing, but not really mine.

LKA said...

Hey, fellow BOPer here. Really great blog you've got.

Getting new workout clothes really IS the best, but, for me, only if it's an outfit. I couldn't mix and match to save my life, so if a mannequin's not modeling it, I won't buy it.

Have a great day!

ShirleyPerly said...

I like strong women too, but not lots of tattoos (though I suppose it takes a strong mind to do that to one's body).

Have fun at your spinning conference. I hope it's someplace interesting!

Jess said...

Those are all great things!

tfh said...

I love strong women. And push-ups. I don't look quite like that though. Not yet. I agree: a happy family is one where it's impossible to love anybody "more." Great job!

Kala Marie said...

*sigh* I wish I could afford WSSC... next year!!! I'll be there!!

Vickie said...

I used to say that to my kids when driving or otherwise. Now I say it to my grandkids. Where is this spinning conference??

Missy said...

The Steriods - They Work...I've always said that I'm not afraid of a man in a Speedo...until now!

RunToFinish said...

wohoa what a post and those are some pictures...I think I'm still in shock

Charles said...

I am debating on going to WSSC. Have you been before? BTW, Nice Blog. I just started one that's primarily directed to my class but I've found that writing about other stuff is fun too. Maybe I'll see you in Miami!

IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

My question is, do you think the Triathlete tat is for real?? I always wanted to get a small (very small) Ironman M dot but was afraid of the message it would send to my kids...