Friday, January 16, 2009

My Top 5

This week....I was a great mood...and got something off my chest! 
Let's get to this thing.....

#1 The Track To The Right---->>>>>>

Green Light by John Legend featuring Andre 3000

You Dig?

#2 Starbucks Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

-Every Christmas by BFF gives me these.  I really needed them this week.  I would hit about 2:30pm and feel I needed a little "pick me up," since crack is out of the question I pop a few of these little ditty's in my mouth.......oh yeah.....thank you Starbucks!

#3 Blogger Buddies

-You guys are the best! I wanted to give a shout-out to my S. C. peeps Chris and Robin.  Chris actually saw I commented on Kevin's blog about wanting to pick up his suggested book.  Chris pops this in the mail to me.  :) Robin wants to share her favorites with others! I threw my name in the mix and won!!!! Thanks to you both for showing true southern hospitality.

#4 My Students

-What a blessing they are to me.  They teach me everyday about love, forgiveness, and grace.

#5 Good Friends!

Happy Birthday Tiff! 
I love you.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

i love the idea of a top five. :-)

Gotta Run said...

Your are right... Chris and I are the best!!!! that is what we tell ourself anyway :)

Enjoy... thrilled to pass it along!!!!

teacherwoman said...

Great post! I heart my students too.... and chocolate covered espresso beans.. :)

Chris said...

Hey Shannon, what a cool post. Looks like you had a great week. You also remind me that I need to remember all the "little" things that make my life great! I thik that you summed it up for me this week.
- Coffee
- Gear (free gear :-))
- Kids (although sometimes a challenge)
- Friends

Nicole said...

I love you so very much Shannon! :)

Marcy said...

I should not have come here. Now that I know #2 exists I'm not sure how well my caffeine withdrawal will go . . . HAHA

Missy said...

In a real pinch, you can eat an espresso bean straight up...if you're in desperate need of a fix and really like the taste of coffee:)

RunBubbaRun said...

Cool top 5, friends and training. A great combo.

Like the coffee bean fix as well. A person after my own heart.

KalaSpins said...

I absolutely LOVE "Green Light". Fantastic song =]

Tiff said...

OK I love you very much and I am very honored to be in your top 5 but get that fat nasty picture up off of this blog girl.