Sunday, January 11, 2009

My climbs have two personalities!?!

I'm stealing this fun idea from Spinning M.I. Jennifer Sage. I really like the challenge of introducing two completely different perspectives on a hill.  The first hill has jumps and surges where the second hill is more long and focused.   I also enjoyed "mashing" the two different genres of music for the two hills.  The first hill is cutie-pie Justin Timberlake and the second hill is a  Cirque Du Soleil combination.  I had to take out a few curse words and inserted "record scratches" and "tympani" sounds to replace the naughty words, it was a fun four hours to put this one together. 

If you guys like the tracks pop me an email and I'll get the tracks to you. 

2 Hills-2 Personalities                     45 min.

Warmup- “Seven Cities” {over 6}

1st Hill-“Love Stoned”

-SC-start by adding to a small hill (3 min)

       -add every min. after that

-STC-1 min (on the 4th min)

-SC-Finish the song in the saddle

Jumps on a Hill-“Rock your Body”

-SC-a little harder than previous

       -8 count jumps (2 min)

       -4 count jumps (until end)

-àVERY HARD SECTIONß- Surges-“Voodoo”

-Hold Resistance

-Settle into SC, when music speeds up @ :50 sec. into song break out into 2nd or 3rd position and hold surge approx. 1 ½ minute……

-When music breaks settle back into SC, break out and hold surge approx. 1 ½ ….settle back into saddle when music breaks

SC, STC, DH, @ Flats “Sexy Back”

-1 min SC

-1 min STC-“let’s reach the summit of this hill”

“roll up and over the top”

-1 min DH-take “some” resistance off, not a recovery!

-Flat Road, recovery, water, towel off…..

“get ready for the next hill”

2nd Hill-“Spiritual Spiral”{over 6}

-SC-start off on a medium hill

-every minute add “some” resistance & 10 sec. saddle break


-SC-hold the resistance!

       -every :30 “power up and go for a run”

“Finish this hill strong!”

“Track 02 Morse Code Disc 1”-Flat Road/Cool Down


Seven Cities-Solar Stone

Love Stoned I Think She Knows (Interlude)-Justin Timberlake

Dance Mix of Rock your Body-Justin Timberlake

VooDoo People-Prodigy

Sexy Back (Randy Boyer's Dirty Sex Dub mix)-Justin Timberlake

Spiritual Spiral (Carmen Rizzo Remix)-Cirque Du Soleil

Oscillum-Cirque Du Soleil

Track 02 Morse Code Disc 1


Did this workout last night 1/12/09 to a full house, over 30 bikes filled! I had tons of compliments on music & workout.  I had a few regulars even say, "that was one of your best deliveries!" Yahoo.....


ShirleyPerly said...

Well, there are certainly different types of hills (short steep ones and long more gradual ones) so it makes perfect sense to me to have different hill workouts and some variety too. I very impressed that you actually edit your music!

(And thanks for your comments on my blog. It's good to be missed!)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

It's incredible how you put together music for your workouts. Different hills with different personalities makes sense to me!

Gotta Run said...

I did not see your email listed under your profile.

Here is mine:

I am always looking for some new mixes :)

Your name is in the drawing.... this is fun!

tfh said...

Looks like a TOUGH workout!

Tracy said...

I am so impressed that you splice and dice your own tracks....what software do you use to do that. I have been instructor for awhile and have always avoided "explicit" songs and have wished I could splice and dice my own.... if you have time to shoot me those tracks. I really enjoy your blog! And I steal some GRAND ideas from you! Teehee hope you don't mind.... :)