Monday, September 8, 2008

Patriots Triathlon?

Hurricane Hanna prevented us that had trained for a Triathlon to experience our first Duathlon. We decided we didn't want to lose a limb in the James River so instead of 1.8 mile swim, we ran 1.8 miles. 

9am-1.8 mile Run

This was the 1st of three loops, doesn't it look like I want John to pick me up and hurl me in the back of the Honda? I feel really fresh here, I didn't want to push it here, so my pace was slow and comfortable.

The 1.8 miles was completed in a comfortable 20 min.  I was feeling great, I was a little hot but felt good going into the bike leg of the race.  This was the transition area.

Bike-24 miles

This was me leaving the transition area.....Helmet strapped (check), Shoes (check), Tissues shoved down back of shorts (check).  I was ready for the 24 mile out and back.  Thank God for chamois. :)

Coming in from the ride, my nose was running, I couldn't breath and my hamstrings felt tight.  I also dismounted too early here, but I was so worried I was going to crash and eat gravel in front of hundreds of people.

When I jumped off and started in the transition I was feeling that the 6 mile run would be a slow go.  But, I still have a smile on my face.

Run-6 miles
Heading out to the 6 mile run, my legs were feeling slow and I was beginning to feel overheated.  My heart rate was way to high in the start but I struggled to find my legs.  When I got to the 1st water stop (mile one) I was getting goosebumps (dehydration for sure) and I could not get my HR to come down.  It felt like the temp was in the 90's, it looked like everyone was suffering from the heat and humidity.  I ended up walking about 3/4 of the way, dragging my body to the finish.  The conditions were BRUTAL in my opinion and in the ideal situation I probably would of been finished when I had started the 10K.  

I always learn something when I compete in a race.  This is what I learned:

A. Never take a decongestion on race day, just blow the snot out in your shirt or wherever.  The medicine completely dehydrates you.

B. Train smarter! Always go extra miles past the miles you would compete in the race.

C. Have fun and don't take it so seriously.

The cheerleaders! Thanks to my family, Emily, Jay, & John for their steadfast love and support.  I couldn't do this without you!

Oh yeah, one more thing.  If you're saying to yourself (my lady friends), "I could never do that?" This woman is 85 years old and competing! Now how's that for inspiration?

Beach2Battleship & Eagleman .....Here I come!


ShirleyPerly said...

Way to hang in there and get it done! It's definitely tough to race in hot & humid conditions but you learned some good lessons. Nice pictures too. Hope you get to do all 3 sports next time.

Aaron Bull said...

Good for you Shannon! You know I've been there. It hurts, you suffer, but the feeling of accomplishment is HUGE!

Eric said...

The condition were brutal I ran the course twice and it was hot hot hot. Congratulations you did great for the condition and thanks for posting pictures specially the one of the 85 year old women that did the sprint it was amazing how good she looked.

Mendy said...

LOVE your blog title! I'm a "back of the pack" girl and am just happy to be able to ride.

Congrats on your finish to your duathlon. You did great!

That pool is near the entrance to the Naval Station on Hampton rd (I think). It's called Fleet Recreation Pool. It's for military, and dependents and it's a great pool. I went there again today.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Where do you ride around here?

Jennifer Roberts said...

so, so proud just to know you! Way to go, pretty mama!! can't wait to see ya on the 20th!

Steve Stenzel said...


Letter "C" is the important one...

Power Up Love said...

the greatest gift...