Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~Out & Back Ride~

Hey Peeps...this was a HUGE hit on Monday night.  I have been on a kick with theme ride music lately.  I did 70's, 80's, and now Movie and TV music.  I had a full class and tons of people were having fun guessing where the tracks came from.  Enjoy...

Out & Back Ride                                    45 min. Movie & TV



WU-“Hawaii 5-0” {5:20}

 Flat Road -to the 1st Hill “Absurd” Tomb Raider {3:35}

         -moderate gear

         -a couple of pickups

 Seated/Standing Climb “Pirates” {8:45}

         -SC-add every minute

         -@4:00 check cadence

         -STC-until end of song-add pickups throughout 

Jumps on a hill-“The Unit theme song” {3:00}

         -Hold Gear

         -Cue Form 

Rolling Hills-“Dragula” Matrix {4:30}

         -:30 unload to valley-moderate gear

         -:30 Load heavy resistance STC

         -:30 unload

         -1:00 load heavy SC

         -:30 unload

         -1:00 STC-Run to top……:30…


Rolling Hills-“Waterloo” The Bourne Ultimatum {10:00}

-Downhill-1:30-moderate gear-working recovery

         -1:00 load to heavy resistance SC

         -:30 unload to valley-moderate

         -:30 load to heavy-STC

         -:30 unload…… 

Seated Climb

         -load resistance every :30 {2:00}

         -cadence check 

Jumps on a Hill{3:30}

-Hold Gear

         -Cue Form 

Seated/Standing Climb “James Bond” {5:00}

         -add resistance –challenging-STC 2:00

-SC for the remander-add some pickups throughout the last part of the climb 

Flat Road-“Wonder Woman”

Cool Down-“How Deep Is Your Love”



~Hawaii 5-0 Remix


~Pirates of the Caribbean (8min. version)

~"The Unit" Theme Song- About Face vs DJ Z-Trip - Walking Dead (ft. Chester Bennington) 

~Dragula Remix-Rob Zombie

~Waterloo-John Powell the Bourne Ultimatum

~James Bond Theme (Voight Kampff) Remix

~Wonder Woman remix-TV Theme Songs

~How Deep Is Your Love-The Bird and the Bee (I love their sound!)

Now for the next theme ride.....maybe I'll do farm animals, lipstick, or STP oil. 

 What do you think?


Aaron Bull said...

You're a trip!

Spinbob said...
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Spinbob said...

Who's that creepy dude in the picture with you?

Shannon said...

That is not a creepy dude but the best WSSC partner in the world. :)