Saturday, October 2, 2010


Coach: "How's the training going?"

Ironman Wannabe: "My Legs constantly feel like they want a nap."

Coach: giggle "Yeah, that's how I want them to'll be doing Ironman."

The Trainer Hired A Trainer

"All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing.....not moving toward excellence."
~Denis Waitley~

After I signed up for Ironman I kicked the idea around about hiring a Tri-Coach. At first I thought I would download an Ironman program and muscle my way through. I have the drive, ambition, and discipline but felt apprehension about tackling the big dog IM by myself. Finally after researching, talking to friends, and swallowing my pride I hired Denise from Red Hammer Racing. After our first meeting I felt good about my decision and like having her on my team as I continue plodding my way towards Lake Placid. When that beautiful red haired lady smiles and says, "Shannon, you're gonna be fine," I feel a sense of confidence and know that at least I know she's in my corner waving and cheering on my efforts.

Training Partners

Guess who enjoys riding his bike behind me toting hydration for his Mom during her long runs? This little guy is awesome, he even reminds me and will ride up real slow next to me and hand me my drink. It's nice to have him out there with me.

Training Fuel

The hydration and fuel is gonna be the tricky part of my training. Since my profession is trainer I have to be particularly careful and make sure I'm taking in enough fuel to work and train at the same time. Nuun, GU Brew, Detour Runner Bars, GU Energy Gel.......peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk aren't gonna cut it....

Bike Trainers

Some of you already know that once the temp goes below 40 degrees this little pusswagon will be staying indoors. Coach says the spin bike isn't gonna cut it and that I need to look into getting a trainer. She has some great suggestions but I wanted to hear from you all about your experiences with your bike trainer.

I'm having a great time so far and enjoy the training process. Remind me of this next spring when I begin hating life and I start fantasizing about pulling the beautiful red haired braids. ;)


Lisa said...

Best wishes with your iron journey. I have a trainer, but I hardly ever use it. Which is fine for me, I'm not training for ironman (haven't done any Tris for over a year actually). Probably need advice from someone who does serious bike training.

chris mcpeake said...

good luck with the training

RockStarTri said...

Great idea in hiring a coach. I'm a USAT L1 coach myself yet use a coach too. You are building your support team and it will all help you succeed.

I use a computrainer as well as a standard fluid trainer based on my goals for each workout. The CT is a great tool but very pricey. The basic trainer gets some getting used to mentally but I found can get you a great workout in a short time period.

Great to hear the training is progressing!

Mark said...

The trainer is entirely different from that spin bike. But it is BORING! You'll want to use an Ipod or place it front of a TV. Maybe use some of those bike workout CD's. If you can find some like minded riders you can set up in a garage & use a boom box for music. (I have a bike shop I go to where a group gets together.) I used to take mine into the 'Y - and they did not object because it was usually crowded then.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Wow, Shannon, awesome!!!! I too think it's a great idea hiring a coach. Keep us updated. I've been invited to train for a mini-tri this spring with my dental hygenitst - whom is a big time fitness warrior. Seriously considering it!

Keith said...

IM will be the most amazing day of your life so far. During the training you'll look back on your legs wanting a nap, and wishing for those days again. Listen to your coach, but listen to your body. Take the rest when you need it. Not want it, NEED it.

As for the trainer, either spend just enough money to get into a fluid or magnetic one, and nothing fancy on it. Or spend the bucks and go for the computrainer. The huge advantage to it is you get feedback about your pedal stroke and where you're weak. I could watch that figure 8 for hours.

Looking forward to following your journey!

Stuart said...

I have a Cyclops for about 4 years now and it's going strong. Fluid trainers are better than magnet ones I have heard.

Wouldn't rollers be better?

Check out the side bar on my blog for the Sufferfest training videos, they're sick!

Wes said...

consistency in your training will prepare you for the big day. There's still much to learn about race day execution. Hiring a coach to help you do your first Ironman is a very smart decision!

I have the basic Cycle-Ops Mag trainer, and it works well for me. My Forza, which I still have, wasn't heavy duty enough for me!

teacherwoman said...

ooooh, I have a CycleOp and lov it! It's a middle-of-the line trainer, but it works - just a little loud!

Kevin said...

Try watching craigslist or local classifieds for a trainer. Lots of people buy one and decide its not for them. I have a blackburn magnetic I got on sale at REI that is good as well as a Cycleops fluid I bought from someone on Craigslist. The magnetic is good for my wife because there are three different levels of resistance you can set it to.

I like the fluid because the harder you pedal, the harder the resistance.

I usually watch movies on the portable DVD player in the garage. I made it through the lord of the rings series training for IM

Kevin said...

Oh and +1 for the sufferefest for short (45min-1hr) interval/tempo workouts. Much better then spinervals.

Though, you might just want to pick this spinerval up

Spinervals On the Road 2.0 Lake Placid