Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clients Corner

Who inspires you?

My clients from all walks of life inspire me on a daily basis. My job, purpose, ministry is to inspire people to achieve their best health and fitness goals. I hope I instill in them a purpose to place their health at the top of the totem pole of life. When I meet with each individual, we share, laugh, cry, sweat, commiserate, tell dirty jokes, and inspire one another. I want to share what awesome athletes these people are to me. Once a month I'm gonna ask one of my training family members to share a little about themselves.


Occupation-Starbucks Manager, Mom, Wife, Friend


What is your favorite clean eating snack? Snap Peas, I like the crunch.

What is your favorite muscle group to train? I normally enjoy working out legs, but now I 've been working upper body, I feel so strong and empowered!

What are your fitness goals? To loose another 25-30lbs, maybe do another triathlon.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to get in shape and obtain a more healthy life? Invest in yourself. For me getting an awesome trainer (her words-not mine) forced me into a commitment to find time to take care of myself, plus a great way to burn off stress!

Other than me, who else would like to be interviewed by? Cookie Monster, I would like to know if he as any advice to staying away from the cookies!

What is your greatest accomplishment? Aside from giving birth to my son, finishing two Ironman races (regardless of my time).

In this video you catch Melinda doing 1:30 Planks, Upright Rows, Leg Press, & Hill Repeats.


The Spinningman said...

Melinda sounds cool. I was liking her from the first bit about Starbucks and she just kept on getting better:-)))

Shannon said...

@ Rick....she is the coolest cat around....she also is loving, supportive, and an awesome friend. :)

Dave said...

Great idea for a "Blog Series" keep it up!!!

teacherwoman said...

Awesome post!

Stuart said... it better/harder to do leg presses laying back like in the video or seated?

What's the music?

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

two ironmans?! gulp I'm still waffling on a sprint

Shannon said...

@ Stuart the track is Daniel Haaksman – "Kid Conga (feat. MC Miltinho) (Dubbel Dutch Remix)"