Friday, December 18, 2009


Dear Shannon,

I know it's December and the cool temperatures are here. I know you're a real puss in cold weather and feel you couldn't hang with me outside with your friends. I'm kind of lonely and sad just sitting over here in the corner. You only play with me when it's warm outside but I promise there is a way to play with me in cold weather too. I have a friend named Cervelo who has the best tips on riding in cold weather. The idea is to keep your head, hands, & feet covered and wear layers. It's just a little bit different riding with me than running outside. Why not give it a try and we can play together all winter?!?

Your buddy in all seasons,
Red Rover


Any other tips you guys care to share?


Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Yes I am working on this same thing so that Orangina and I can play all winter. I have seemed to work all my layers and parts well except for the hands. I have yet to find gloves that are comfortable and keep my fingers warm while riding.
I also find that keeping your lower back and butt well layered and warm makes the ride much more enjoyable and less likely for pain later.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I have a few. We have been riding in the 30's here for the past few weeks. Should email them to you.

Nothing better than riding outdoors chic!!

Wes said...

I want to ride in the cold this year too!!! I am putting cold weather riding gear on my Christmas list. I have an Ironman Florida riding jacket that has been sitting unused in my closet for too long!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I dont mind the cold, its the wind that gets me.

Dave said...

I really don't dig the cold...although training in it makes you mentally tough....and at the end, when you pull the outer layer off and the sweat has frozen solid...well then it's all good....

teacherwoman said...

Any tips for me? LOL


Work around it. That is the tip from Florida. (Dont you hate us?) Tamps's Saturday morning forecast 55F. Sunday morning forecast 38F. Guess what day Arnie and I ride??

RunToTheFinish said...

now i really feel bad for not gettin gout in the 80 degree weather... I just haven't made peace with biking yet

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

My bike is hibernating...

Trihardist said...

Here's my set-up for cold-weather riding:

Two pairs of socks (both wicking)
Thermal tights w/ cycling shorts
Sleeveless wicking base layer
Short sleeve jersey w/ arm warmers
Long sleeve jersey
Wind-breaking jacket
Short-finger cycling gloves w/ long-finger gloves over the top
Wicking alpaca skull cap
And a scarf if the wind is particularly biting

The gloves I use are Bontrager cycling liners. They're warm enough for most situations, but they're not so bulky that you couldn't pull another pair of gloves over them. I've also used motorcycling/dirt biking gloves, courtesy of a cyclocross buddy. Check out motorcycling stores for gear; they might have some stuff that's just right for you.

Or put Red on the trainer and settle in for a long winter.

Keith said...

-wtf temps spells trainer. Only -10 C (14 F) today, and that's warm by recent standards. To say nothing of the slippery crap on the ground.

Tricia said...

I have no tips. Other than feel free to move down here to Florida ;)