Friday, April 3, 2009

A Good Eats Top 5

~I've been in a cooking mood lately.  I actually love to cook but most times I don't have time to prepare a meal that for example takes 30 minutes to prep and 40 minutes to cook.  The usual meal during the week may consist of one or two great meals and the rest of the week may be sandwich's, subs, pizza, hot dogs, etc.

~The one thing I look forward to in the future with my decreased schedule is more "great meals" and just the "occasional" not-so-great-for-you meal.

#1. Winter Minestrone

  • I love Food Network!  One of my favorite shows is Everyday Italian with Giada (big boobs) De Laurentiis.  I cooked this amazing Winter Minestrone recipe and it was amazing! We (the kids too) absolutely gobbled this up and even had some leftovers that I had the next morning for breakfast.  

Yep, this was me!
Self-confessed butterholic here, I love the way it looks, feels, & tastes.  
I had to change this part of my diet, and fast! 

#2 Smart Balance Buttery Spread

  • This is actually not bad and much healthier for you than butter.  1 tbsp.SB-80 calories and 8g. fat vs. 1 tbsp.B-100 calories and 11g. fat.  Sometimes I divulge and have the real deal with my hot roll, but the Smart Balance is a healthy alternative.  It really does taste very good.

#3 Green Smoothie Creations

  • I'm creating Green Smoothie recipes all the time.  This one was so delicious that I had to share with you guys.
Green Smoothie
~1/4 cup 1% Milk
~2/3 cup Water
~Good Handful Spinach
~1 Emergen-C
~1/4 Piece Med. Apple
~2" Piece of Banana
~1 Scoop Muscle Milk Light (Vanilla)
~1/8 cup of Walnuts

Total=331 Calories


"Hey son, want a sip?"

#4 Eggplant Timbale

  • Another Everyday Italian recipe that was a big hit.  This time we had the grilled eggplant on the side and just cooked the pasta from this recipe, Eggplant Timbale.  I actually cooked this recipe before and used the grilled eggplant with the springform pan but the kiddos didn't care for the taste of the eggplant.   
  • *Don't be intimidated by the difficulty label of this recipe, it wasn't that hard to put together.  The smoked mozzarella makes the whole dish, take the extra step of finding it.*
#5 Orange-Essence Prunes

  • I love Prunes! WTH?!? Did I just write, say, think that! Well thanks to my favorite food tips girl Amanda, I have been adding these to my smoothies.  She said, "Seriously this is one of the better smoothies that I've made and look at all the great things in it!!!"  Well I trust her and found that I totally agree, it really does make a great smoothie and you just get a hint of orange and a sweeter tasting smoothie (not to mention great bowel moments)!
Green Smoothie Recipe w/Prunes
~1/4 Cup 1% Milk
~2/3 Cup Water 
~(2) Prunes
~1 Handful Spinach
~1 Handful Blackberries
~1 Packet Emergen-C
~1 Scoop Muscle Milk Light (Vanilla)

Total Calories-228

What is your new food find?


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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

That eggplant dish looks delish!

And I love your son's face at the green smoothy. I'd probably make the same face. LOL

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

I love margarine, butter or anything close to it. It is my biggest problem. Ocassionally I will have some bisquits with my butter.. it's that bad. I find it is easier to just avoid the tempting and go cold turkey.

We are actually (finally) getting our boys to eat colored foods (veggies) without exhibiting the face your son has on. Only took 16years in the first case. I think the 13 and 10 year old will follow by example

Michelle said...

Smart balance is pretty good. I eat that with my bagels and english muffins!

The eggplant dish looks fabulous. I am always looking for things to do with eggplant!

And I am all over the green smoothies!! Great recipes!

Nicole said...

OH MY WORD that picture of Jay cracked me up! Hilarious!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

Is that me Jess? There are a couple of us out there, so I want to be certain that I actually won.

That minestrone looks particularly appetizing. Want to come to my house and cook for me?

Wes said...

I love Giada's recipes, but honestly. I never even realized she had boobs ;-)

RunToFinish said...

we are old people with our new little prune love!!! YEAH BABY smoothies.

Ok the recipes look fantastic thanks for sharing.. I'm like you I cook ahead on sundays or there is no cooking

Gotta Run said...

Not so sure about the prunes in the green smoothie but I just might try it.

Walk away from the butter... you can do strong :)

Ali said...

That minestrone soup looks so delicious! I love the Food Network too, can't get enough of it.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hahahahaha! Your son's face captures my attitude toward the green smoothies EXACTLY!

I like the looks of that soup, though, sister! YUM!

raulgonemobile said...

That soup looks pretty tasty. I really need to get around to cooking my own food. LOL

Fit Mommy said...

Love Giada. Fairly certain I've made that eggplant dish. I used to have lots growing in my garden and turned to Giada for cooking ideas.

Those smoothies are pretty interesting. Not sure my measley blender would hold up for walnuts, though!

Vickie said...

Gound sumac. You can get it at a Mediterranean store. One pound for about $3.50. I put it on salads, tuna, fish baked in the oven, chicken, etc. A slight tart taste and it puts a little bit of a crunch on the baked fish (since I use no breading). Like you, I enjoy cooking. I cook 95% of my meals rather than go out or get take out. Much healthier and cheaper but it does take some time and planning (and lots of dirty dishes!).

tfh said...

Ha, I always hope that cooking like Giada will give me boobs like Giada. Alas, my fat seems to settle further south. My "new food find," which I've actually been obsessed with for some time now, is sunflower seed butter...mmmm...good because I was a butter girl, too! Have a great weekend!

RunToFinish said...

1300 CALORIES??? I might die...but hey I could be game for a little life or death. Are you following a specific food plan?

Missy said...

Only butter in this house - we even leave it out on the counter so it's nice and soft for spreading. Nicceee but oh so good. I'd give up other stuff just to keep butter.

ShirleyPerly said...

That soup and eggplant dish look great! And that photo of your son cracks me up :-)

X-Country2 said...

Mmmm, not I'm REALLY hungry. Everything looks delish!

Trihardist said...

Hehe. I can't help but say "Timbale" out loud. It delights me.

My news favorite thing to add to my green smoothies is a sprinkling of sugar-free crystal light mix. Strawberry-orange-banana really takes the edge off the spinach flavor.