Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simple Loops-IEZ

I've been in a really creative mood lately since I've had two weeks off.  I've put a couple of rides together.  This one is tweaked version of Pink/Bill P's looped ride.  I really like the simplicity of this, you can take it any way you want.  This could be very challenging or quite simple.  I was wanting a "funky mix" and found a great album to go with the them here.

Funky Beats Album-"Finger Lickin' Export 02"

Warm Up

Simple Loops
Flat Road-Challenging 3 minutes
Standing Climb- 4 minutes
Seated Climb-3 minutes (or a windy flat road)

I did three loops and ended with a strong/challenging flat road!

-Hey Brothers- All Good Funk Alliance Remix
-Universal Mind (clean version)-Common 
-Just Dance to New Order (Lady Gaga vs. New Order)-DJ Earworm
-SuperJam (Flow Dynamics Remix)-All Good Funk Alliance
-Disco Thunder-Big Soul
-Stand Up!-The Breakestra
-Mystery Repeats-Pete Philly & Perquisite
-Live in the Mix (Acapella) / Gimme The Breaks-Flow Dynamics
-Party People-Nelly
-Hey Mama-Black Eyed Peas
-Bring back the Funk-A. Skillz
-Light My Fire (Kenny Dope Remix)-Shirley Bassey & Kenny Dope

If you guys want any of these tracks, I would love to share!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

This post has me somewhat motivated to try spinning. All I have to do is put my bike on the trainer, set up some jams, and go.

Maybe I should take you up on the offer to share tunes..

Shannon said...

email me mama

Kevin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I dont blame you for not taking the class. I only took it because my wife wanted to. I have taken enough spin classes to know the big no-no's.

I am going to drop you an email on those tunes. At some point, I want to become a spin instructor. I just need to get through school, and maybe my first full iron. But I am amassing a decent collection of music for my personal use now on the trainer and eventual use in spin classes

Gotta Run said...

Thanks for the play list. I am ALWAYS looking for new tunes to mix things up.