Tuesday, December 9, 2008

09' Race Calendar

Well it's official, I've signed up for the four races I plan on doing in 09.

March~Shamrock 1/2 Marathon

This one is going to be special because my husband will be running his first road race ever.  I'm hoping to PR 2:00, I know that's an 18 min hop from the last PR but I think I can do it.

May~Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon

This is also a race my husband and I are doing together.  This will also be his first triathlon race.  Do you people see a trend here? (yahoo)

June~ Eagleman 1/2 Iron!

I've been looking forward to this race for over a year and half.  I can't wait, I'm a little nervous about the heat & humidity for a June race but I just want to finish.  I'm not really looking for a specific time just want to have a great race.  I can't wait to share all my training stories.  My blog will be a good outlet for all the ups and downs I'm sure I'll experience.

September~The Nation's Triathlon, International Distance

This one is sort of new and exciting.  A friend turned me on to it and I thought, "why not."  This will be a great race to finish out the 09' season.  My husband and I will be doing this one together as well.

Now if I win the lottery.......

October~IronMan Hawaii, the "BIG" One!

(stop giggling, it might happen one day)



Viv said...

Great plans!! Eagleman 70.3 whohoo! They all are great races, girl. Oh Kona would be da bomb I would be all I knew her back when....

stacin said...


You should try this 10k/15k/20k series in prep for the 1/2 marathon. This is a great way to get you to a PR and really tells you where you are at in your training and how race ready you are. These races are setup to lead into the Shamrock. I know a lot of people who have benefited from these for marathon and 1/2 marathon races. There a few hills on the course too, which helps the leg strength. Especially for a flat 1/2 like Shamrock. Lorri, Krystyn Brown and Grace Currie are doing them.

(John, you should do these also. Very laid back races. Cheap. Low key. Small number of people. Also, good food afterwards.)

Shannon said...

Thanks Stacin, I should of known you would have a great training plan!

So what is your 09' race schedule, a gazillion mile race or something?

Seriously, thanks for the heads up.

Marcy said...

No comments from me but it looks like a nice schedule! Whoot!

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm a little disappointed not to see B2B on your list but it looks great otherwise :-)

Wonderful that your husband will be doing some of them too!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Big plans. I give double credit to the ones hubby is doing. :-)

92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

the couple that trains/sweats/succeeds together STAYS together!!
SOOOOO proud of you, pretty girl!
Can't wait to hear all about it.
If you go do Hawaii... we'll go and cheer you on!!

RunBubbaRun said...

Sounds like a fun year. Doing races with the hubby will be special. He can understand what you go through as well..

Yeah, the KOna lottery, I would take that entry.. Good luck.. That would be niceee..

teacherwoman said...

Your races for 2009 look awesome! I have so many that I want to do but just don't know for sure what time will bring!

Mendy said...

That sounds like a perfect plan! Lots of variety and big races! I, too would love to have a 2:00 half. Maybe one day! Nations triathlon sounds fun too! Can't wait to follow your training through the year.

Travis Owney said...

That rocks Shannon! That is awesome John is joining you this year. So when you run 2:00, you should have time to go pick me up breakfast and have it waiting at the finish line! :-)

J~Mom said...

I do have a running skirt to review!! YAY!!

Eric said...

You are going to pr at shamrock is fast.
I might do nations probably after Saturday I have a clear picture of what my season is going to look like..

Good luck

stacin said...

One more nugget for getting to PRs or making significant improvements in racing - train with a group or at least another individual. I know a few pro triathletes and elite runners as well as a bunch of middle pack folks that do 50-70% of their training with other people and swear by the results. All of my best running and cycling have come after consistent training with groups of people. Training with a group or another person can really help to make you hit your workouts and get the right intensity. Especially long runs, speed work, and cycling.