Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Now that I have your attention!

So you've worked hard with your trainer for over 6 months to get into that hot little swim suit for your vacation to the islands. You've spent countless hours sweating, eating clean, and lifting heavy weights. You've also made tremendous gains in your health and overall well being. Now you can relax and feel a sense of accomplishment when you lay by the pool or frolic in the ocean.


Why in the HELL are you gonna blow it and stick tons of junk in your mouth?

When you're on "vacation" that shouldn't give you permission to eat crap, sabotage all your efforts, and become the very person you wanted to change 6 months prior. You can vacation, enjoy crappy food, and still keep your waist line.

Tips for Eating Clean on Vacation

  • Scenario #1- "My Parents live in the country and fry everything."
When staying with someone else, take your clean eating staples with you. You can also visit the grocery store and introduce your family to a healthier way to live and cook.

  • Scenario #2-"My Husband and I are going on a cruise where all they have is "all you can" buffets."
Every buffet serves a salad bar, fruit section, and most have healthy lean proteins. Indulge, just don't bust your belt buckle or pop your dress button. For example, eat healthy for breakfast, lunch, and at dinner enjoy some of the worlds delights. Then go hit the dance floor!

  • Scenario #3-"I'm on vacation, I'm gonna eat what I want, I earned it, I deserve it!"
True! Just make sure you aren't using and abusing food the way you did before you took steps to gain a healthy life. When you use food as a reward you are setting yourself up for a hamster wheel of lose weight/gain weight vicious cycles.


When we go on vacation or step out of our day to day safe routines it can be tricky to stay eating healthy and clean. When we are tempted with the delectable treats of this life, its OK to satisfy our cravings but just remember that it shouldn't be at every meal or at every thing you do. Nothing feels worse than coming home to a big bloated tummy and 3 or more extra pounds staring in your face.



Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you! I don't think it is always about rewarding yourself or throwing it all away. Some times it is simply that you want some of the foods you grew up with for a short period of time because you know you can work it off. At least in my case it is that way. I want the gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and shrimp poboys. I want the snow cones and blue bell ice cream. I also know that I will have to bust my tail to get it off when my time with family is over. I like this blog!!!!


I went on vacation to Florida, and lost 3 pounds with all the swimming, running, and walking through the theme parks.

Then I came back to the crappy weather, and gained 7.

RockStarTri said...

My next vacation is in Lake Placid. That locale brings a few different challenges to the table.


I'm with Flatout Jim.... with a different angle..

I am staying in Florida where life is supposed to be a vacation and when I do go on vacation it will seem like going home so I'll be good..... (say what?)

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