Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Christmas Get-Togethers

I like to be discreet when telling people I'm doing Ironman, especially people who don't know anything about it because you get that crazy look from people. So my sister announces to a group of cousins and aunts, "My sister is doing Ironman next year!"

Sister-"Shannon is doing Ironman next summer!!!" (she's 3 exclamation points excited)
Cousin 1-"I saw you mention something on Facebook about that."
Aunt-"What is Ironman?"
Me-"It's a triathlon I'm doing next summer."
Sister-"No Shannon, tell them about the race!" (I want to slap her at this point)
Cousin 1-"Don't you swim like 4 miles?"
Me-.....explaining the details of the race....

Aunt-"Do you get paid for that?"
Cousin 1-"Oh My Gosh.....why?"
Aunt-"Do you have insurance?"
Cousin 2-"I guess you get to eat anything you want, huh?"
Aunt-"How is your Physical Therapy business going?"

Which brings me back to my original thoughts...I don't share Ironman with people unless THEY ARE Ironman people. I only like to talk to people who are as crazy as me.



Do you do that all in one day???

Stuart said...

Do you get to sleep in between!

Yeah I get that over the ultra running?

You just gotta be in it to get it!

Anonymous said...

at least you don't have a blog where you talk about it???

Wes said...

If you just meander on and on about it, eventually, their eyes will roll into the back of their head :-)